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Figure Four
Origin Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Genres Hardcore punk, Metalcore
Years active 1996–2006 (On Hiatus), 2011-2013
Associated acts

The Figure Four is a Canadian band, with 5 members. It started in 1996, and recorded 3 albums since. The band usually performs songs of the hardcore punk and metalcore genres. The band is currently on hiatus.


Figure Four started in 1996 and are currently signed to Solid State Records. The band is currently on hiatus, as two of its members are now in the full-time touring hardcore punk band, Comeback Kid, and one of its members is now in a band, Grave Maker. They played a few isolated shows throughout 2006.

FF Bassist Bailey played bass for Endless Fight in 2005, Shattered Realm in 2006 the Cancer Bats in 2007 and filled in for Too Pure To Die on the latest tours.

The Belgian webzine RMP printed the rumour on the 14th of January (2011) that they were going to perform. Figure Four performed at Rain Fest in Seattle, Washington on May 28, 2011.

Regarding the band's stance on the controversy surrounding whether or not Figure Four is still a Christian band, vocalist Andrew Neufeld had this to say at Rain Fest 2011: "It's been a while, but we haven't broke up, but the last time we played was 2006. I realized something this week; I've been involved in Figure Four for half of my life--literally...and we're definitely in different places than we were when we started this band, and we have different ideas and different beliefs, and we've moved on and we've grown older..."


Studio albums
Split EPs


Last Known Lineup
  • Andrew Neufeld - Vocals (Currently: Comeback Kid, Sights & Sounds)
  • Jeremy Hiebert - Guitar (Currently: Comeback Kid)
  • 'Metal' Mel - Guitar
  • Jason Bailey - Bass (Currently: Grave Maker, ex-Cancer Bats)
  • 'Optimus' Steve 'Prime' Dueck - Drums (ex-The Undecided)
  • Mike Peters - Drums
  • Scott Heppner - Guitar
  • Jon Kitchen - Bass


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