Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988

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Eurovision Song Contest 1988
Country Finland
National selection
Selection processNational Final
Selection date(s)13 February 1988
Selected entrantBoulevard
Selected song"Nauravat silmät muistetaan"
Finals performance
Final result20th, 3 points
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Finland was represented by the band Boulevard, with the song '"Nauravat silmät muistetaan", at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 30 April in Dublin. "Nauravat silmät muistetaan" was chosen as the Finnish entry at the national final organised by broadcaster Yle and held on 13 February.


The final was held at the Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, hosted by Sini Sovijärvi. Twelve songs took part with the winner chosen by voting from six regional juries. Other participants included former Finnish representatives Ami Aspelund (1983) and Sonja Lumme (1985). Two of the songs, Helena Miller's "Svart och vitt" and Benny Törnroos's "I november", was written in Swedish, that is a national language in Finland as well. The other 10 songs was written in Finnish.[1]

Finnish National Final - 13 February 1988
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Boulevard "Nauravat silmät muistetaan" 38 1
2 Tarja Ylitalo "Maata vaadin taivaanrantaa" 2 12
3 Helena Miller "Svart och vitt" 37 2
4 Kari Tapio "Tää kaipuu" 12 9
5 Ami Aspelund "Amor amor" 32 3
6 Sonja Lumme "Vielä jaksan odottaa" 9 10
7 Tauski Peltonen "Uuteen elämään" 13 8
8 Benny Törnroos "I november" 8 11
9 Mikko Alatalo "Tuhat ja yksi yöta" 19 6
10 Marjorie "Tie" 20 5
11 Timo Tervo, Jonna & Beat "Mayday Mayday" 29 4
12 Tauski Peltonen, Tutta & Crista "Lasikaupunki" 15 7

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Boulevard performed third in the running order, following Sweden and preceding the United Kingdom. The band had to deal with a technical malfunction when the backing track temporarily faded out halfway through the song. At the close of voting "Nauravat silmät muistetaan" had received only 3 points (all from Israel), placing Finland 20th of the 21 entries, ahead only of the nul-points song from Austria. The Finnish jury awarded its 12 points to Luxembourg.[2]

Points Awarded by Finland[edit]


12 points  Luxembourg
10 points  United Kingdom
8 points  Italy
7 points  Norway
6 points  Israel
5 points   Switzerland
4 points  Denmark
3 points  France
2 points  Ireland
1 point  Yugoslavia

Points Awarded to Finland[edit]

Points Awarded to Finland (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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