Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991

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Eurovision Song Contest 1991
Country  Finland
National selection
Selection process National final
Selection date(s) 2 March 1991
Selected entrant Kaija Kärkinen
Selected song "Hullu yö"
Finals performance
Final result 20th, 6 points
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Finland was represented by Kaija Kärkinen, with the song '"Hullu yö", at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 4 May in Rome. "Hullu yö" was chosen as the Finnish entry at the national final organised by broadcaster Yle and held on 2 March.


The final was held at the Typhon Hall in Turku, hosted by Kati Bergman. Ten songs took part with the winner chosen by an "expert" jury, which included Tina Pettersson, who had represented Finland in 1990 with the group Beat, and veteran Finnish Eurovision conductor Ossi Runne. Other participants included former Finnish representatives Riki Sorsa (1981) and Kirka (1984).[1]

Finnish national final - 2 March 1991
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Riki Sorsa "Viimeinen tie" 91 3
2 Anna Hanski "Elämän haitari" 36 9
3 Mervi Hiltunen & Jake Voutilainen "Kauneimmat lauseet" 30 10
4 Arja Koriseva "Enkelin silmin" 67 5
5 Samuli Edelman "Peggy" 95 2
6 Kaija Kärkinen "Hullu yö" 109 1
7 Clifters "I Love You" 51 7
8 Nina "Kuinka voisinkaan" 64 6
9 Kirka "Taivas ja maa" 88 4
10 Arja Koriseva "Molto presto" 49 8

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Kärkinen performed 16th in the running order, following Israel and preceding Germany. "Hullu yö" was the only rock-influenced song in the 1991 contest, but went largely unappreciated by the national juries as at the close of voting it had received only 6 points (4 from Ireland and 1 each from Greece and Iceland), placing Finland 20th of the 22 entries. The Finnish jury awarded its 12 points to Italy.[2]

Points awarded by Finland[edit]


12 points  Italy
10 points  France
8 points  Sweden
7 points  Portugal
6 points  Israel
5 points   Switzerland
4 points  Spain
3 points  Belgium
2 points  Ireland
1 point  Greece

Points awarded to Finland[edit]

Points awarded to Finland (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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