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CatCat is a Finnish duo that participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 with the song "Bye Bye Baby". They reached 22nd place with 11 points. Members of the duo are sisters Katja and Virpi whose original surname Kätkä is Kätkät in plural form which sounds exactly like CatCat, hence the name.

Their song Bye Bye Baby was highly thought of in its native Finland[citation needed] but came 4th from last out of 25 entries. The performance by a traditional orchestra and the dire costumes (described as "their mother's underwear" by UK commentator Terry Wogan) were considered to have played a part in the low final score.[who?]


CatCat (1992)

Bye Bye Baby (1994)

Viides kevät (1994)

Enkeli (Angel) (1995)

Yö ja päivä (Night and day) (2001)

Parhaat (2002) (collection)

Hitit (2004) (collection)

Preceded by
Katri Helena
with Tule luo
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
with Niin kaunis on taivas