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The First Moog Quartet was formed by Gershon Kingsley in 1970, as the result of a request by famous impresario Sol Hurok to hear the Moog synthesizer's capabilities demonstrated live. Other group members included Howard Salat, Stan Free, Eric W. Knight, and Ken Bichel.

On January 30, 1970, the group became the first to ever play electronic music in Carnegie Hall. With Robert Moog present, they were accompanied by several other musicians and four singers.[1] While reactions were mixed,[2] immediate results included a university tour, and some interesting collaborative works with the Boston Pops Orchestra.

The group released an LP, First Moog Quartet, on Audio Fidelity Records in 1970[3] and at least one 45 rpm single. Arthur Fiedler asked Kingsley to write a Concerto for Moog; the quartet performed the work, scored for synthesizer quartet and symphony orchestra, with the Boston Pops in 1971.[4]

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