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The Flagstaff Unified School District ("FUSD") is the primary school district for Flagstaff, Arizona area and neighboring areas. The district has approximately 11,500[1] students and operates 16 schools; including three high schools (9-12), two middle schools (6-8), four magnet schools (various grades), ten elementary schools, and two alternative programs.

List of schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • Mount Elden Middle School
  • Sinagua Middle School

Alternative schools[edit]

  • TAPP
  • TIA

Magnet schools[edit]

  • Advanced Placement Academy at Flagstaff High School
  • Honors Pre-AP Academy at Mount Elden Middle School
  • Alpine Academy at Mount Elden Middle School
  • Coconino Institute of Technology (located inside of Coconino High School)
  • The Middle School Institute of Technology and Engineering, or MIT-e (located inside of Sinagua Middle School)
  • Marshall Elementary Arts and Science Magnet
  • Puente de Hozho Bilingual Elementary
  • Northern Arizona Distance Learning (on-line)

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Cromer
  • DeMiguel
  • Killip
  • Kinsey
  • Knoles
  • Leupp
  • Puente de Hozho
  • Sechrist
  • Thomas
  • Marshall

Closed schools[edit]

  • Sinagua High School (2010)
  • Flagstaff Middle School (2010)
  • Christensen Elem. (2010)
  • South Beaver Elem. (2010)


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