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Sinagua JROTC shoulder sleeve insignia

Sinagua High School was the third public district high school in Flagstaff, Arizona. It opened in 1990 and was closed in 2010. Three other schools were also closed at the same time. The school's colors were royal blue and gray. The mascot was the Mustangs.


Sinagua's enrollment had remained steady for years between 960 and 1,070 students, but enrollment elsewhere, such as at Coconino High School, was falling. The Flagstaff Unified School District closed Sinagua and three other schools for a US$2 million cost savings; it also converted the Sinagua campus for use as a middle school to serve grades six through eight.[1] Both schools received enrollment boosts, but Coconino absorbed the majority of Sinagua students in what was called "The Merge".[2] Sinagua students at Coconino's 2011 graduation wore silver and blue tassels, and a class banner (a Sinagua tradition) featuring Sinagua blue, Coconino red, and purple was presented.[2]

Notable alumni[edit]


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