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Flavius Magnus (c. 390 or 405–475) was a powerful politician in Gaul, where he was widely respected for his integrity and practical wisdom during the last age of the Western Roman Empire. He was a Roman Senator of Narbonne (then Narbo), Consul of Rome with Flavius Apollonius in 460 and the praetorian prefect of Gaul in 469.


His father, born ca 380, might have been the son of Ennodius, Proconsul of Africa. He might have been Flavius Felix (380 – 430), Consul of Rome in 428, who married Padusia and was allegedly an ancestor of Felix, Consul in 511. His mother (b. 385) was a daughter of Flavius Julius Agricola, Consul of Rome in 421 and father of Emperor Avitus.

He was the father of:

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Preceded by
Flavius Ricimer,
Flavius Julius Patricius
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Apollonius
Succeeded by
Flavius Severinus,
Flavius Dagalaiphus