Fletcher (surname)

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Family name
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Meaning Occupational name for an arrowsmith or seller of arrows
Region of origin England, Scotland, Ireland
Language(s) of origin Middle English

Fletcher is a surname of English, Scottish, and Irish origin. The name is an occupational name for an arrowsmith or seller of arrows, derived from the Middle English, Old English "Fulcher" or Old French flech(i)er (in turn from Old French fleche "arrow").[1][2] The English word was borrowed into the Goidelic languages[citation needed], leading to the development of the Scottish name "Mac an Fhleisteir" (also spelt "Mac an Fhleisdeir"),[3][4] "the arrowsmith's son".

Early bearers of the name include Robert le Flecher in 1203 (in the "Assize Court Rolls of Staffordshire", during the reign of King John), William Flecher’ also in 1203, and Peter le flechier in 1227. The name is often confused with Flesher,[1] due to the phonetic similarity.


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