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Florian poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Edwin L. Marin
John E. Burch (assistant)
Produced by Winfield R. Sheehan
Written by Noel Langley
James Kevin McGuinness
Based on Florian by Felix Salten
Starring Robert Young
Helen Gilbert
Music by Franz Waxman
Cinematography Karl Freund
Edited by Frank E. Hull
Distributed by Loews, Inc.
Release date
  • November 11, 1940 (1940-11-11)
Running time
91 min
Country United States
Language English

Florian (1940) is a feature film directed by Edwin L. Marin, and starring Robert Young and Helen Gilbert.


A young groom, Anton, has grown up in Austria a friend of the duchess, Diana, despite their differences in social class. Anton trains a gifted stallion, Florian, for her father, the emperor. Archduke Oliver is the intended husband for the emperor's daughter, but he is killed in battle.

When war ravages the country, Anton is able to assist Diana in crossing the Switzerland border to safety. But he is arrested on returning home. The horse, Florian, is sold to Max Borelli, a carnival worker from New York City who takes him there, then treats him abusively and eventually sells the horse for a fraction of its worth.

Anton is freed and, accompanied by Dr. Hofer, his veterinarian, travels to New York to begin a new life. While he is there, Anton manages to find Florian, return him to good health and make him the splendid horse he used to be. Diana becomes aware of their presence and all are happily reunited.


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