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The flumpet is a hybrid musical instrument blending qualities of the trumpet and flugelhorn.

It was inspired by Art Farmer, a virtuoso jazz musician who traveled with both a trumpet and a flugelhorn in his baggage. He played with equal facility on both, but switched from one to the other to exploit each instrument's tonal qualities. The trumpet is more strident, the flugelhorn more mellow.

The Monette Corporation first designed and made a prototype of the flumpet for Art Farmer in 1989. [1]

Mark Isham also plays a Monette flumpet (built for him in 1995). [2]

Perhaps the best-known female flumpet player is jazz musician Cindy Bradley.

Milwaukee-based composer and instrumentalist Sigmund Snopek III has also appeared playing flumpet on recordings with Brian Ritchie. [3]

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