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Classification Aerophone
Inventor(s) Art Farmer
Developed David Monette
Related instruments
Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Art Farmer, Mark Isham

The flumpet is a hybrid brass horn instrument that shares the construction and timbre qualities of a trumpet and flugelhorn. Commonly found in jazz music, the flumpet was invented by Art Farmer and is currently in production by David Monette.[1] The Flumpet can be heard here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpWzMqmbl4I.


The flumpet borrows the three piston valve design of both the trumpet and flugelhorn and shares the same instrument length of a trumpet. The curves on the end of the flumpet have a resemblance to shepherd's crooks. The mouthpiece is deeply conical which tapers slightly, as opposed to the trumpet or flugelhorn mouthpiece which has an extreme taper to create a bowl shape. The sound of the flumpet is described as thicker and richer than a flugelhorn and more mellow and rounded than that of a trumpet.

Notable flumpet players[edit]

Pop Culture[edit]

The Flumps, a BBC children's show that aired in 1977, starred a character, Grandpa Flump, who played the flumpet.


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