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The following is a list and biographical sketch of notable euphonium players from around the world. Users are encouraged to create individual biographical pages of players and continue to add notable players to this list.

In American colleges, there are a number of euphonium professors who teach in a variety of different arrangements. Dr. Henry Howey, Dr. Brian Bowman, Demondrae Thurman, and Dr. Marc Dickman serve as the only four full-time euphonium college professors in the US[citation needed], with professors like Dr. Matt Tropman, Dr. Stephen Arthur Allen and Dr. Daniel Burdick, also primarily euphonium players, teaching as lecturers. Other professors, such as Adam Frey, are adjunct faculty at multiple universities near one another. Another common arrangement is to have a professor of all low brass instruments.

Name Country Dates Biography
Roger Behrend[1] United States *c. 1957 soloist with the U.S. Navy Band[2] and professor of euphonium at George Mason University. Graduate of [Michigan State University] and student of Leonard Falcone.
John Bodwin United Kingdom *1934 jazz multi-instrumentalist. His primary instrument is the tuba, but he has played euphonium on occasion.
Dr. Brian Bowman United States *1946 former soloist with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force Bands;[3] and the Bicentennial Band, now professor of euphonium at the University of North Texas
Harold Brasch[4][5] United States 1916-1984 "Mr. Euphonium"[6] on mid twentieth century radio; Soloist United States Navy Band 1936-1956. Early advocate of British compensating euphoniums in the United States.
Tyrone Breuninger United States 1939-2012 former trombonist in the Philadelphia Orchestra; was solo euphonium and assistant conductor of the Atlantic Brass Band and Professor of Euphonium at Rowan University
John S. "Buddy" Burroughs[7] United States 1916-1988 former player with the "President's Own" United States Marine Band (1935–66); known for his vast music collection
Colonel Michael J. Colburn (USMC - ret.) United States 1964 - former player with the "President's Own" United States Marine Band (1987–2004)and Director of the Marine Band (2004-2014);
Leonard Falcone United States 1899 - 1985 solo artist, arranger and professor of euphonium at Michigan State University The annual Falcone International Tuba and Euphonium Competition at Twin Lake Michigan was established in his honor in 1986 to advance the art of Euphonium playing, sponsor new works for the instrument, and promote new talent.
Trevor Groom [8] United Kingdom former principal Euphonium for the GUS Band, Kettering, England. First to perform the Joseph Horovitz Euphonium Concerto at the Royal Albert Hall in 1972. Named one of the 10 best (British) Euphonium artists by the online publication 4barsrest in 2001
Shoichiro Hokazono[9][10] Japan *1969 soloist with the Central Band of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
James Jackson[11] United States current soloist in the United States Coast Guard Band and instructor at the University of Connecticut and The Hartt School
Derick Kane[12] United Kingdom principal Euphonium of The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army
Arthur W. Lehman United States *1917 student of Harold Brasch and Simone Mantia. Euphonium section leader and very active Soloist with the President's Own U.S. Marine Band (PMOS)[13] from 1947 - 1972. Instrumental in introducing the concept of large-bore, self-compensating Euphoniums to United States players. Developed the "Lehman Special" mouthpieces,
Earle Louder United States former soloist with the U.S. Navy Band, retired professor at Morehead State University;[14] now soloist with the New Sousa Band[15] and guest soloist with many other groups. Former student of the late Leonard Falcone.
Simone Mantia Italy / United States 1873-1951 soloist with the John Philip Sousa Band (1896-1903) — left the Sousa Band to join the Pryor Band
Rich Matteson United States 1929-1993 groundbreaking jazz euphonium player, former faculty member at the University of North Texas, and founding member of the Tubajazz Consort
Steven Mead United Kingdom *1962 professional soloist, clinician for Besson/Buffet Crampon and professor of euphonium at the Royal Northern College of Music
Toru Miura Japan *1948 professor at the Kunitachi College of Music soloist and clinician
Jukka Myllys[16][17] Finland *1963 euphonium soloist, Finnish Defiance Force Band. Soloist and clinician; trombonist with the Oulu Symphony Orchestra
John Perfetto[18][19] United States deceased former euphonium with the Sousa Band 1904-1920 following Simone Mantia. Instrument manufacturer Col. Charles G. Conn wrote to Perfetto "Of all the musicians who have used my instruments in the past, I have regarded you as the squarest and best"
Alfred James Phasey United Kingdom 1834-1888 accomplished player of the Euphonium, Ophicleide and other brass instruments he was admitted to the Duke Of Yourk's Royal Military School aged only 5 years and 7 months. He first learnt to play the fife before progressing with larger instruments and became a Guards bandman. He is credited with widening the bore of the Euphonium to improve the tone. He was an expert player playing with many musical companies and wrote a tutor for the instrument.
Joseph M. Raffayola[20][21] United States deceased former euphonium with the Sousa Band 1892-1903. Simone Mantia studied with Raffayola.
Hurahel Sato[4] Japan 1900 - 1986 noted pioneer Asian artist.
Danny Vinson[11] United States *1957 former soloist with the U.S. Coast Guard Band and instructor of euphonium at the Universities of Connecticut and Rhode Island; currently instructor of euphonium at the University of Houston and instructor of low brass at University of Texas at Tyler, Kilgore College, and East Texas Baptist University.
David Werden[22][23] United States former soloist with the United States Coast Guard band and respected brass resource
Matthew White[24] United Kingdom student of Mead and Thornton, White won multiple prestigious competitions prior to his graduation from college. White is a Besson Performing Artist,[25] and until his abrupt departure for personal reasons in January 2014, served as solo euphonium of the Cory Band for 20 months.[26][27]
Ray Young[28][29] United States 1932-1999 former professor of low brass at The University of Southern Mississippi and Louisiana Tech University


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