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FontShop International was founded in Berlin in 1989 by Erik Spiekermann and Joan Spiekermann, who were then husband and wife, and Neville Brody. FontShop was the first font reseller in digital type history.[1] There are four independent FontShops in Austria, Benelux, Germany, and the United States.

FontShop International is licensor for the four FontShops. FontShop USA, based in San Francisco, is owned by FSI; all other FontShops are separate, independent companies concentrating on their own markets. While FontShop International produces typefaces as a foundry (FontFont typeface library, e.g. FF DIN, FF Dax, and FF Meta) and publishes FontBook, the FontShops work as resellers of FontFonts but also of fonts from over 120 other foundries.

The Typo San Francisco conference in 2014, organised by FontShop.

FontShop Germany organises the annual European design conferences TYPO Berlin since 1995 and since 2011 TYPO London. Since 2012, FontShop USA organises an annual TYPO conference in San Francisco.

In 2008, FontShop also published a web-based font editor called FontStruct.

On July 14, 2014, FontShop was acquired by Monotype.[2]

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