Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – People

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Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – People
ChairmanHenry Obwocha
FounderMartin Shikuku
Split fromFORD-Asili
Merged intoJubilee Party
HeadquartersJam Park Plaza, Ngong Road, Dagoretti, Nairobi
National affiliationPNU (2007)
SloganWe are social democrats!

The Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–People, commonly known as Ford People, was a political party in Kenya.


The party was established in October 1997 as a breakaway from Ford–Asili.[1] In the 2002 general elections, the party won 14 out of 210 elected seats in the National Assembly, whilst in the presidential contest, the party supported Simeon Nyachae, who came third with 5.9%.

In the 2007 general elections, Ford-Kenya was part of the newly created Party of National Unity led by President Mwai Kibaki.[2] It gained three seats in parliament, but became the first to have a parliamentary seat victory overturned in an election petition, when the result for the Bomachoge Constituency was annulled.[3]

In 2016 the party merged into the Jubilee Party.[4]


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