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Francisco Menéndez Valdivieso (3 December 1830 – 22 June 1890) was Provisional President of El Salvador from 22 June 1885 to 1 March 1887, then President of El Salvador from 1 March 1887 until his death on 22 June 1890. General Francisco Menéndez was born in Ahuachapán, 3 December 1830 and died in San Salvador, 22 June 1890. His parents were José Eustachian Menéndez and Gabriela Valdivieso, independently wealthy landowners. In 1858, General Menéndez wed Bonifacia Salazar in an arranged marriage. At age forty-one he took an active role in the revolution of 1871 that ousted Dr. Francisco Dueñas, the mayor of Ahuachapán. At the age of fifty-five General Menéndez was named Provisional President of El Salvador 22 June 1885, receiving the supreme power of José Rosales.


Official Salvadoran website about him.(in Spanish)

Political offices
Preceded by
Rafael Zaldívar
President of El Salvador
Succeeded by
Carlos Ezeta