Franconian Rezat

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Franconian Rezat
Rezat 2303.jpg
The Franconian Rezat near Windsbach
Location Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Reference no. DE: 242
Physical characteristics
Main source On the Franconian Heights northwest of Oberdachstetten
452 m above sea level (NN) [2]
49°25′39″N 10°23′47″E / 49.42750°N 10.39639°E / 49.42750; 10.39639Coordinates: 49°25′39″N 10°23′47″E / 49.42750°N 10.39639°E / 49.42750; 10.39639
River mouth Confluence: with the Swabian Rezat in Georgensgmünd to form the Rednitz
342 m above sea level (NN)
49°11′17″N 11°01′20″E / 49.188194°N 11.02222°E / 49.188194; 11.02222
Length 77.3 km (48.0 mi) [1]
  • Location:
    at Ansbach
    (26.3 % of the catchment) gauge[3]
  • Minimum rate:
    Record low: 20 l/s
    Average low: 158 l/s
  • Average rate:
    744 l/s
  • Maximum rate:
    Average high: 19.9 m³/s
    Record high: 60.0 m³/s (in 1941)
Basin features
Progression RednitzRegnitzMainRhineNorth Sea
Basin size 456 km2 (176 sq mi) [1]
Windsbach Brücke 2316.jpg
The Markgrafen Bridge at Windsbach
Wassermungena mit St. Andreaskirche an der Rezat.JPG
The Franconian Rezat near Wassermungenau
Fraenkische rezat.jpg
The Franconian Rezat near Georgensgmünd

The Franconian Rezat (German: Fränkische Rezat) is a 77 km long river in southern Germany. It is the western, left source river of the Rednitz. It rises in the Franconian Heights near Oberdachstetten. It flows generally east through the towns Lehrberg, Ansbach, Windsbach and Spalt. Together with the Swabian Rezat (Schwäbische Rezat), it forms the Rednitz in Georgensgmünd.


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