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Frankie MacDonald

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Frankie MacDonald
Frankie MacDonald in Sydney, Nova Scotia April 2017
Born (1984-04-24) April 24, 1984 (age 35)[1]
Known forInternet weather forecasts

Frankie MacDonald (born April 24, 1984) is a Canadian amateur weatherman from the Whitney Pier[2] area of Sydney, Nova Scotia.[3][4][5] MacDonald, who has autism,[3][6] is known for his boisterous online weather forecasts.[7] He posts the videos to his YouTube channel (dogsandwolves),[6] where they have received more than 32 million views.[2][7] He also maintains a Twitter account and blog.[8] Weather reports MacDonald has produced include warnings for his home province of Nova Scotia, a snowstorm in Winnipeg, heavy rainfall in Vancouver,[9] a storm in Minnesota,[10] New York, Australia,[8] and Bermuda during Hurricane Gonzalo of 2014.[11]


People of Toronto, be prepared. Order your pizzas and order your Chinese food and five cases of pop because it’s going to be a terrible snowstorm to hit Toronto, Ontario... have your iPads and your iPhones charged just in case the power goes out... do your grocery shopping right now. Don’t wait for the last minute. Do it RIGHT NOW."

--A sample of a forecast by Frankie MacDonald.[6]

MacDonald has published over 1200 videos on YouTube, mostly weather forecasts, but also competitive eating, and how to properly shovel snow.

As a child, MacDonald wanted to be a weather forecaster.[12][13] He made his first scenery video on December 27, 2007.[2] On December 16, 2009, he made his first YouTube video.[2] MacDonald gained recognition in Canada for his posts to the Weather Network's website.[2]

His forecast predicting a Vancouver earthquake was featured on the program Tosh.0[9][14] and BuzzFeed called his Hurricane Isaac forecast, "the only forecast you need for Hurricane Isaac."[15]

MacDonald's videos have turned him into an "internet weather-broadcasting sensation," with several hundreds of thousands of views for some videos;[16] his Minnesota forecast video reached over 150,000 views.[10] His forecasts have been picked up by media throughout the world,[17] and he has given weather forecasts for the Nova radio network in Australia.[18] MacDonald has presented the weather on the CBC[19] and has been featured in an online video series for Nova Scotia Power.[20]

In February 2017, MacDonald received a silver YouTube Play Button to commemorate the achievement of 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.[21]


MacDonald was included in CBC News's "Top 10 Newsmaking Stories of 2013 in Nova Scotia,"[22] Additionally, MacDonald was awarded the Vital Cape Breton Excellence Award which honours Cape Breton islanders who have made significant contributions in the community.[2] He was also recognized for his work by Member of Parliament Mark Eyking in the House of Commons on 4 February 2015 during the Statements by Members session.[23][24] MacDonald has had his likeness made into a bobblehead and had his "be prepared" catchphrase featured on clothing.[25]

The videos have received both positive (including people thanking him for weather warnings) and negative feedback on YouTube, and MacDonald tries to "ignore" the latter, insisting they are "rude and disrespectful."[6] The hosts of The Roz & Mocha Show on Toronto's Kiss 92.5 have been accused of being disrespectful when interviewing MacDonald,[7] but they deny this, claiming they are fans of MacDonald.[26] In 2013, false rumours of his death circulated online.[27]


A book authored by and featuring MacDonald was published by Nimbus Publishing Limited of Halifax, Nova Scotia on 15 June 2018.[28] The book is titled Be Prepared: The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather, and Everything (ISBN 9781771085755) and lists both Frankie MacDonald and Sarah Sawler as authors, with Sawler also credited as contributor. It is intended for a juvenile to teen audience. The book is in part a biography, and covers a range of subjects including science & nature, earth sciences, autism, and weather. During the process Sawler consulted with the Autism Nova Scotia and with MacDonald and his family to ensure she got everything right and presented it fairly.[28][29][30]


On January 30, 2015, the Halifax daily newspaper The Chronicle Herald published an editorial cartoon by their staff cartoonist, Bruce MacKinnon which featured Frankie MacDonald giving a forecast of the "Massive Boondoggle" of the overbudget reconstruction of the schooner Bluenose II.[31]


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