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FraudWatch International is an internet security organization that was founded in 2003 that mainly specializes in online fraud protection and anti-phishing activities. The headquarters of this privately owned company are in Melbourne, Australia and it has offices in London, Dubai and San Francisco. Its CEO is Trent Youl.[1]

The activities of the company include anti-phishing, protection against malware and online brand protection[2], offering Security as a Service to other companies. Fraudwatch International is active in sponsoring and participating in congresses on cybercrime.[3] It also sponsors the Anti-Phishing Working Group[4][5]

The techniques that are used by FraudWatch International include:

  • Anti-phishing techniques
  • Anti-vishing techniques
  • Anti-pharming techniques
  • Takedown of fake domains
  • Takedown of face profiles on social media

For anti-phishing, the company has released the FWI Fraud Shield in 2007. This is an application for Windows platforms that warns users if they are about to browse to phishing websites.[6]


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