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Mediterranean military zone under the command of CEMED with the accords and associations of France with the riparian countries and the number of French nationals in these countries.
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The French Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, (French: Commandant En Chef pour la 'Mediterranée) (French: (C)ommandant (E)n (C)hef pour la (MED)iterranée) is commandant of the maritime arrondissement Mediterranean .

The Admiral designated as CECMED, cumulates three distinct simultaneous functions:

CECMED, commandant of the Navy in the Mediterranean[edit]

The commandant refers to the original post of the vice-admiral of the Levant Fleet (1689-1792).

Under the authority of the Chief of Staff of the French Navy (CEMM), CECMED is commandant of region and the maritime arrondissement Méditerranée where the Military port of Toulon is garrisoned, as well as its anti-pollution cell and the commands of the French Navy (French: Commandements de la Marine) at Marseille and Ajaccio.

CECMED, inter-arm commandant in the Mediterranean[edit]

Under the authority of the Chief of the Defence Staff of France (CEMA), CEMMED, as commandant of the maritime zone, is charged with operation control of forces deployed in the Mediterranean (for instance in Opération Baliste in Lebanon on July 2006). In the Mediterranean, CECMED has at his disposition the relay of defensive and naval attachés.

One admiral, three functions[edit]

The function of the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean is entrusted by décret to the Admiral commandant of Mediterranean maritime zone.

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