List of French films of 1937

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A list of films produced in France in 1937:

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Arsene Lupin, Detective Henri Diamant-Berger Jules Berry, Gabriel Signoret Crime
Bizarre, Bizarre Marcel Carne Louis Jouvet, Michel Simon Comedy
Grand Illusion Jean Renoir Jean Gabin War drama Nominated for Oscar, +3 wins, +1 nomination
Gribouille Marc Allégret Raimu, Michèle Morgan Comedy
The Lie of Nina Petrovna Viktor Tourjansky Isa Miranda, Fernand Gravey Drama
Pépé le Moko Julien Duvivier Jean Gabin Crime drama 2 wins
Yoshiwara Max Ophüls Pierre Richard-Willm, Sessue Hayakawa Drama

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