List of American films of 1937

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This list of American films of 1937 compiles American feature-length motion pictures that were released in 1937.

The 10th Academy Awards, hosted by Bob Burns, were presented on March 10, 1938 at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel. There were ten nominees for Best Picture: The Awful Truth (also director [win], actress and supporting actor), Captains Courageous (also actor [win]), Dead End (also supporting actress), The Good Earth (also director and actress [win]), In Old Chicago (also supporting actress [win]), Lost Horizon (also supporting actor), One Hundred Men and a Girl, Stage Door (also director and supporting actress), A Star Is Born (also director, actor and actress) and the winner, The Life of Emile Zola (also director, actor and supporting actor [win]).

Additional films with acting nominations: Camille (actress), Conquest (actor), The Hurricane (supporting actor), Night Must Fall (actor and supporting actress), Stella Dallas (actress and supporting actress), Topper (supporting actor).

Films listed by number of nominations in all categories: The Life of Emile Zola (10 [3 wins]), A Star Is Born (7 [1 win and 1 non-competitive win]), Lost Horizon (7 [2 wins]), In Old Chicago (6 [2 wins]), The Awful Truth (6 [1 win]), The Good Earth (5 [2 wins]), One Hundred Men and a Girl (5 [1 win]), Captains Courageous (4 [1 win]), Stage Door (4), Dead End (4), The Hurricane (3 [1 win]), Conquest (2), Night Must Fall (2), Stella Dallas (2), Topper (2), Camille (1).

Additional films with nominations: Souls at Sea (3), A Damsel in Distress (2), Maytime (2), The Prisoner of Zenda (2), Walter Wanger's Vogues of 1938 (2), Waikiki Wedding (2), Black Legion (1), Wings over Honolulu (1).


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The 13th Man William Nigh Weldon Hayburn, Milburn Stone, Robert Homans Drama, Crime Monogram
3 Dumb Clucks Del Lord Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard Comedy 2-reeler Columbia
45 Fathers James Tinling Jane Withers, Richard Carle, Hattie McDaniel Comedy 20th Century Fox
52nd Street Harold Young Dorothy Peterson, Kenny Baker, ZaSu Pitts Musical Comedy United Artists
Adventure's End Arthur Lubin John Wayne, Diana Gibson, Montagu Love Adventure Universal
The Adventurous Blonde Frank McDonald Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Anne Nagel Comedy Warner Bros.
Affairs of Cappy Ricks Ralph Staub Walter Brennan, Mary Brian, Lyle Talbot Comedy-Drama Republic
Alcatraz Island William C. McGann Ann Sheridan, George E. Stone, John Litel Drama, Crime Warner Bros.[1]
Ali Baba Goes to Town David Butler Eddie Cantor, Tony Martin, Gypsy Rose Lee Musical Comedy 20th Century Fox
All American Sweetheart Lambert Hillyer Patricia Farr, Scott Kolk Crime Columbia
All Over Town James W. Horne Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Mary Howard Musical Comedy Republic
Amateur Crook Sam Katzman Joan Barclay, Bruce Bennett, Vivien Oakland Comedy, Drama Poverty Row
Angel Ernst Lubitsch Marlene Dietrich, Melvyn Douglas, Herbert Marshall Comedy, Drama Paramount
Angel's Holiday James Tinling Jane Withers, Joan Davis, Sally Blane Comedy, Drama 20th Century Fox
Annapolis Salute Christy Cabanne James Ellison, Marsha Hunt, Van Heflin Drama RKO
Another Dawn William Dieterle Kay Francis, Errol Flynn, Ian Hunter Drama Warner Bros.
Arizona Days John English Tex Ritter, Syd Saylor, William Faversham Comedy, Drama Grand National
Arizona Gunfighter Sam Newfield Bob Steele, Jean Carmen, Ted Adams B-Western Republic
Armored Car Lewis R. Foster Robert Wilcox, Judith Barrett, Cesar Romero Crime Universal
Artists and Models Raoul Walsh Jack Benny, Ida Lupino, Richard Arlen Musical Comedy Paramount
As Good as Married Edward Buzzell John Boles, Doris Nolan Comedy Universal
Atlantic Flight William Nigh Dick Merrill, Jack Lambie, Paula Stone Adventure Monogram
The Awful Truth Leo McCarey Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Ralph Bellamy Comedy Columbia


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Back in Circulation Ray Enright Pat O'Brien, Joan Blondell, Margaret Lindsay Comedy, Drama Warner Bros.
Bad Guy Edward L. Cahn Bruce Cabot, Virginia Grey, Charley Grapewin Drama, Crime MGM
The Bad Man of Brimstone J. Walter Ruben Wallace Beery, Virginia Bruce, Lewis Stone Western MGM
Bank Alarm Louis J. Gasnier Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Vince Barnett Crime Drama Grand National
Bar-Z Bad Men Sam Newfield Johnny Mack Brown, Lois January Western Republic
The Barrier Lesley Selander Leo Carrillo, Jean Parker, Otto Kruger Drama Paramount
Battle of Greed Howard Higgin James Bush, Jimmy Butler, Tom Keene Western Poverty Row
Beg, Borrow or Steal Leonard Lee Florence Rice, Frank Morgan, Herman Bing Comedy MGM
Behind the Headlines Richard Rosson Lee Tracy, Diana Gibson Drama RKO
Behind the Mike Sidney Salkow William Gargan, Judith Barrett Comedy Universal
Between Two Women George B. Seitz Franchot Tone, Maureen O'Sullivan, Virginia Bruce Drama MGM
Big Business Frank R. Strayer Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane Comedy 20th Century Fox
Big City Frank Borzage Spencer Tracy, Luise Rainer, Eddie Quillan Comedy, Drama MGM
The Big Shot Edward Killy Guy Kibbee, Cora Witherspoon Comedy RKO
Big Town Girl Alfred L. Werker Claire Trevor, Donald Woods, Spencer Charters Comedy, Drama 20th Century Fox
Bill Cracks Down William Nigh Grant Withers, Beatrice Roberts Action Republic
Black Aces Lesley Selander Buck Jones, Kay Linaker Western Universal
Black Legion Archie Mayo, Michael Curtiz Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, Joe Sawyer Drama Warner Bros.
Blazing Sixes Noel M. Smith Joan Valerie, John Merton Western Warner Bros.
Blonde Trouble George Archainbaud Eleanore Whitney, Johnny Downs Comedy Paramount
Blossoms on Broadway Richard Wallace Edward Arnold, Shirley Ross Comedy Paramount
Boothill Brigade Sam Newfield Johnny Mack Brown, Dick Curtis Western Republic
Boots and Saddles Joseph Kane Gene Autry, Judith Allen Western Republic
Border Cafe Lew Landers George Irving, Harry Carey, Leona Roberts Western RKO
Border Phantom S. Roy Luby Bob Steele, Don Barclay Western Republic
Borderland Nate Watt William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, James Ellison Western Paramount
Born Reckless Malcolm St. Clair Rochelle Hudson, Brian Donlevy Crime 20th Century Fox
Born to the West Charles Barton John Wayne, Marsha Hunt, Johnny Mack Brown Western Paramount
Borneo Truman H. Talley Lowell Thomas, Martin E. Johnson Documentary 20th Century Fox [2]
Borrowing Trouble Frank R. Strayer Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane Comedy 20th Century Fox
Boy of the Streets William Nigh Jackie Cooper, Kathleen Burke Drama Monogram
Breakfast for Two Alfred Santell Barbara Stanwyck, Glenda Farrell, Herbert Marshall Comedy RKO
Breezing Home Milton Carruth Binnie Barnes, William Gargan, Wendy Barrie Drama Universal
A Bride for Henry William Nigh Anne Nagel, Warren Hull, Claudia Dell Romance Monogram
The Bride Wore Red Dorothy Arzner Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, Billie Burke Comedy, Drama MGM
Broadway Melody of 1938 Roy Del Ruth, Robert Magruder Robert Taylor, Eleanor Powell, Judy Garland Comedy, Musical MGM
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back Louis King John Howard, John Barrymore, Louise Campbell Drama, Crime Paramount
Bulldog Drummond Escapes James P. Hogan Ray Milland, Guy Standing, Heather Angel Thriller Paramount
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge Louis King John Barrymore, John Howard, Louise Campbell Thriller Paramount


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Cafe Metropole Edward H. Griffith Loretta Young, Tyrone Power, Adolphe Menjou Comedy 20th Century Fox
California Straight Ahead Arthur Lubin John Wayne, Louise Latimer Western Universal
The Californian Gus Meins Ricardo Cortez, Marjorie Weaver, Katherine DeMille Western 20th Century Fox
Call It a Day Archie Mayo Olivia de Havilland, Alice Brady, Ian Hunter Comedy Warner Bros.
Captains Courageous Victor Fleming Spencer Tracy, Freddie Bartholomew, Lionel Barrymore Drama, Adventure MGM
Carnival Queen Nate Watt Robert Wilcox, Dorothea Kent Crime Universal
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop William Clemens Donald Woods, Ann Dvorak, Anne Nagel Mystery Warner Bros.
Champagne Waltz A. Edward Sutherland Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Vivienne Osborne Comedy Paramount
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo Eugene Forde Warner Oland, Keye Luke, Virginia Field Comedy, Mystery 20th Century Fox
Charlie Chan at the Olympics H. Bruce Humberstone Warner Oland, Katherine DeMille Mystery 20th Century Fox
Charlie Chan on Broadway Eugene Forde Warner Oland, Keye Luke Comedy, Mystery 20th Century Fox
Checkers H. Bruce Humberstone Jane Withers, Stuart Erwin, Una Merkel Drama 20th Century Fox
The Cherokee Strip Noel M. Smith Dick Foran, Jane Bryan, Joan Valerie Western Warner Bros.
China Passage Edward Killy Leslie Fenton, Vinton Hayworth, Constance Worth Drama, Adventure RKO
Circus Girl John H. Auer June Travis, Robert Livingston Drama Republic
Clarence George Archainbaud Roscoe Karns, Eleanore Whitney, Eugene Pallette Comedy Paramount
The Colorado Kid Sam Newfield Bob Steele, Karl Hackett Western Republic
Come On, Cowboys Joseph Kane Robert Livingston, Maxine Doyle Western Republic
Confession Joe May Kay Francis, Basil Rathbone, Ian Hunter Drama Warner Bros.
Conquest Clarence Brown, Gustav Machaty Greta Garbo, Charles Boyer, Dame May Whitty Drama MGM
Counsel for Crime John Brahm Otto Kruger, Douglass Montgomery, Thurston Hall Drama, Crime Columbia
County Fair Howard Bretherton John Arledge, Mary Lawrence Sports/Drama Monogram
The Crime Nobody Saw Charles Barton Lew Ayres, Eugene Pallette, Vivienne Osborne Comedy Paramount
Criminal Lawyer Christy Cabanne Lee Tracy, Eduardo Ciannelli, William Stack Drama RKO
Criminals of the Air Charles C. Coleman Rosalind Keith, Charles Quigley, Rita Hayworth Action Columbia


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
A Damsel in Distress George Stevens Fred Astaire, Joan Fontaine, Montagu Love Comedy, Musical RKO
Dance Charlie Dance Frank McDonald Stuart Erwin, Jean Muir, Glenda Farrell Comedy Warner Bros.
Danger – Love at Work Otto Preminger Ann Sothern, Edward Everett Horton, John Carradine Comedy 20th Century Fox
Danger Patrol Lew Landers Sally Eilers, John Beal Drama RKO
Danger Valley Robert N. Bradbury Addison Randall, Lois Wilde Western Monogram
A Dangerous Adventure D. Ross Lederman Don Terry, Rosalind Keith Drama Columbia
Dangerous Holiday Nicholas T. Barrows Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Hedda Hopper, Jack La Rue Drama Republic
Dangerous Number Richard Thorpe Robert Young, Ann Sothern, Cora Witherspoon Comedy MGM
Dangerously Yours Malcolm St. Clair Cesar Romero, Phyllis Brooks Crime 20th Century Fox
Dark Manhattan Ralph Cooper, Harry L. Fraser Ralph Cooper, Clarence Brooks, Cleo Herndon Drama, Crime Poverty Row[3]
Daughter of Shanghai Robert Florey Anna May Wong, Buster Crabbe, Charles Bickford Drama Paramount
A Day at the Races Sam Wood Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Maureen O'Sullivan Comedy MGM
Dead End William Wyler Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart Drama, Crime United Artists
The Devil Is Driving Harry Lachman Richard Dix, Joan Perry Drama Columbia
The Devil's Playground Erle C. Kenton Dolores del Río, Richard Dix, Ward Bond Drama Columbia
The Devil's Saddle Legion Bobby Connolly Dick Foran, Anne Nagel Western Warner Bros.
A Doctor's Diary Charles Vidor George Bancroft, Helen Burgess Drama Paramount
Don't Tell the Wife Christy Cabanne Guy Kibbee, Una Merkel, Guinn Williams Comedy RKO
Doomed at Sundown Sam Newfield Bob Steele, Warner Richmond Western Republic
Double or Nothing Theodore Reed Bing Crosby, Mary Carlisle, Martha Raye Comedy, Musical Paramount
Double Wedding Richard Thorpe William Powell, Myrna Loy, Florence Rice Comedy MGM
Draegerman Courage Louis King Jean Muir, Barton MacLane Drama Warner Bros.
The Duke Comes Back Irving Pichel Allan Lane, Heather Angel, Genevieve Tobin Drama Republic


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Easy Living Mitchell Leisen Jean Arthur, Ray Milland, Edward Arnold Comedy Paramount
Ebb Tide James P. Hogan Frances Farmer, Ray Milland, Oskar Homolka Drama, Adventure Paramount
The Emperor's Candlesticks George Fitzmaurice William Powell, Luise Rainer, Robert Young, Maureen O'Sullivan, Frank Morgan Drama MGM
Empty Holsters B. Reeves Eason Dick Foran, Emmett Vogan Western Warner Bros.
Escape by Night Hamilton MacFadden William Hall, Dean Jagger, Ward Bond Drama, Crime Republic
Espionage Kurt Neumann Edmund Lowe, Madge Evans, Paul Lukas Drama MGM
Ever Since Eve Lloyd Bacon Marion Davies, Robert Montgomery Romantic comedy Warner Bros.
Every Day's a Holiday A. Edward Sutherland Mae West, Edmund Lowe, Louis Armstrong Comedy Paramount
Exclusive Alexander Hall Fred MacMurray, Frances Farmer, Porter Hall Comedy, Drama Paramount[4]
Exiled to Shanghai Nick Grinde Wallace Ford, June Travis, Dean Jagger Comedy Republic
Expensive Husbands Brian Joerger Beverly Roberts, Patric Knowles, Allyn Joslyn Comedy Warner Bros.


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Fair Warning Norman Foster J. Edward Bromberg, Betty Furness, Bill Burrud Drama, Mystery 20th Century Fox
A Family Affair George B. Seitz Lionel Barrymore, Spring Byington, Mickey Rooney Comedy, Drama MGM
Fifty Roads to Town Norman Taurog Don Ameche, Ann Sothern, Jane Darwell Comedy 20th Century Fox
Fight for Your Lady Benjamin Stoloff John Boles, Ida Lupino, Jack Oakie Romantic Comedy RKO
A Fight to the Finish Charles C. Coleman Don Terry, Rosalind Keith, Ward Bond Drama Columbia
Find the Witness David Selman Charles Quigley, Henry Mollison, Rosalind Keith Drama Columbia
The Firefly Robert Z. Leonard Jeanette MacDonald, Allan Jones, Warren William Drama, Musical MGM
First Lady Stanley Logan Kay Francis, Verree Teasdale, Walter Connolly Comedy Warner Bros.
Fit for a King Edward Sedgwick Joe E. Brown, Helen Mack, Paul Kelly Comedy RKO
Flight from Glory Lew Landers Chester Morris, Van Heflin, Whitney Bourne Drama RKO
Fly-Away Baby Frank McDonald Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane Mystery Warner Bros.
The Footloose Heiress William Clemens Craig Reynolds, Ann Sheridan, Anne Nagel Comedy Warner Bros.
Forlorn River Charles Barton Buster Crabbe, June Martel Western Paramount
Forty Naughty Girls Edward F. Cline ZaSu Pitts, James Gleason Mystery RKO
The Frame-Up D. Ross Lederman Paul Kelly, Julie Bishop Crime Columbia


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Gambling Terror Sam Newfield Johnny Mack Brown, Iris Meredith Western Republic
The Game That Kills D. Ross Lederman Charles Quigley, Rita Hayworth, John Gallaudet Mystery Columbia
The Girl from Scotland Yard Robert G. Vignola Karen Morley, Eduardo Ciannelli, Katharine Alexander Mystery Paramount
Girl Overboard Sidney Salkow Gloria Stuart, Walter Pidgeon Mystery Universal
The Girl Said No Andrew L. Stone Irene Hervey, William Danforth, Vera Ross Musical Comedy Grand National
A Girl with Ideas S. Sylvan Simon Wendy Barrie, Walter Pidgeon, Kent Taylor Comedy Universal[5]
Girls Can Play Lambert Hillyer Julie Bishop, Charles Quigley, Rita Hayworth Drama Columbia
Git Along Little Dogies Joseph Kane Gene Autry, Judith Allen Western Republic
The Go Getter Busby Berkeley George Brent, Anita Louise, Henry O'Neill Comedy, Musical Warner Bros.
God's Country and the Woman William Keighley George Brent, Beverly Roberts, Barton MacLane Drama Warner Bros.
The Gold Racket Louis J. Gasnier Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Fuzzy Knight Drama, Crime Grand National[6]
The Good Earth Sidney Franklin, Victor Fleming Paul Muni, Luise Rainer, Walter Connolly Drama MGM
The Good Old Soak J. Walter Ruben Wallace Beery, Una Merkel, Judith Barrett Drama MGM
The Great Gambini Charles Vidor Marian Marsh, Akim Tamiroff, William Demarest Drama, Mystery Paramount
The Great Garrick James Whale Olivia de Havilland, Brian Aherne, Edward Everett Horton Comedy, Drama Warner Bros.
The Great Hospital Mystery James Tinling Jane Darwell, Sig Ruman, Sally Blane Mystery 20th Century Fox
The Great O'Malley William Dieterle Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan Drama Warner Bros.
Green Fields Edgar G. Ulmer Michael Goldstein, Helen Beverley Comedy, Drama Yiddish
Green Light Frank Borzage Errol Flynn, Anita Louise, Cedric Hardwicke Drama Warner Bros.
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin Sam Newfield Bob Steele, Louis Stanley Western Republic
Guns in the Dark Sam Newfield Johnny Mack Brown, Syd Saylor Western Republic
Guns of the Pecos Noel M. Smith Dick Foran, Anne Nagel Western Warner Bros.
Gunsmoke Ranch Joseph Kane Robert Livingston, Ray "Crash" Corrigan Western Republic


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Harlem on the Prairie Jed Buell, Sam Newfield Herb Jeffries, Mantan Moreland, Nathan Curry Western Poverty Row
Headin' East Ewing Scott Buck Jones, Ruth Coleman Western Columbia
Heart of the Rockies Joseph Kane Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan Western Republic
Heidi Allan Dwan Shirley Temple, Jean Hersholt, Arthur Treacher Drama 20th Century Fox
Her Husband Lies Edward Ludwig Gail Patrick, Ricardo Cortez, Louis Calhern Drama, Crime Paramount
Her Husband's Secretary Frank McDonald Jean Muir, Beverly Roberts, Warren Hull Drama Warner Bros.
Heroes of the Alamo Harry L. Fraser Rex Lease, Lane Chandler, Earle Hodgins Western, War
Hideaway Richard Rosson J. Carrol Naish, Emma Dunn, Fred Stone Comedy RKO
High Flyers Edward F. Cline Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Lupe Velez Musical comedy RKO
High, Wide and Handsome Rouben Mamoulian Irene Dunne, Randolph Scott, Dorothy Lamour Western, Musical Paramount
Hills of Old Wyoming Nate Watt William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Gail Sheridan Western Paramount
History Is Made at Night Frank Borzage Charles Boyer, Jean Arthur, Colin Clive Drama United Artists
Hit Parade of 1937 Gus Meins Louise Henry, Phil Regan, Duke Ellington Musical Republic
Hit the Saddle Mack V. Wright Robert Livingston, Rita Hayworth Western Republic
Hitting a New High Raoul Walsh Lily Pons, Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore Comedy, Musical RKO
Hollywood Cowboy Ewing Scott George O'Brien (actor), Cecilia Parker Western RKO
Hollywood Hotel Busby Berkeley Dick Powell, Rosemary Lane, Hugh Herbert Musical Comedy Warner Bros.
Hollywood Round-Up Ewing Scott Buck Jones, Helen Twelvetrees Western Columbia
The Holy Terror James Tinling Jane Withers, Joe E. Lewis, Tony Martin Comedy, Drama 20th Century Fox
Hoosier Schoolboy William Night Mickey Rooney, Anne Nagel Drama Monogram
Hopalong Rides Again Lesley Selander William Boyd, Nora Lane Western Paramount
Hot Water Frank R. Strayer Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane Comedy 20th Century Fox
Hotel Haywire George Archainbaud Leo Carrillo, Lynne Overman, Spring Byington Comedy Paramount
The Hurricane John Ford Dorothy Lamour, Mary Astor, Jon Hall Adventure United Artists


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
I Cover the War Arthur Lubin John Wayne, Gwen Gaze Action, Drama, War Universal
Idol of the Crowds Arthur Lubin John Wayne, Sheila Bromley Sports drama Universal
I Met Him in Paris Wesley Ruggles Claudette Colbert, Robert Young, Melvyn Douglas Romantic Comedy Paramount
I Promise to Pay D. Ross Lederman Chester Morris, Leo Carrillo, Helen Mack Drama Columbia
I'll Take Romance Edward H. Griffith Grace Moore, Melvyn Douglas, Stuart Erwin Musical Comedy Columbia
In Old Chicago Henry King Tyrone Power, Alice Brady, Don Ameche Drama, Musical Fox
Internes Can't Take Money Alfred Santell Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Lloyd Nolan Drama Paramount
It Can't Last Forever Hamilton MacFadden Ralph Bellamy, Betty Furness Comedy Columbia
It Could Happen to You! Phil Rosen Alan Baxter, Andrea Leeds, Astrid Allwyn Comedy, Drama Republic
It Happened in Hollywood Harry Lachman Fay Wray, Richard Dix, Franklin Pangborn Comedy Columbia
It Happened Out West Howard Bretherton Paul Kelly, Judith Allen Western 20th Century Fox
It's All Yours Elliott Nugent Madeleine Carroll, Mischa Auer, Francis Lederer Comedy Columbia
It's Love I'm After Archie Mayo Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard Romantic Comedy Warner Bros.


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Jim Hanvey, Detective Phil Rosen Guy Kibbee, Tom Brown, Catherine Doucet Mystery Republic
John Meade's Woman Richard Wallace Edward Arnold, Gail Patrick Drama Paramount
Join the Marines Ralph Staub Paul Kelly, June Travis, Reginald Denny Action Republic
Jungle Menace Harry L. Fraser Frank Buck Serial Columbia


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Kid Galahad Michael Curtiz Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart Drama, Crime Warner Bros.
The King and the Chorus Girl Mervyn LeRoy Joan Blondell, Fernand Gravey, Edward Everett Horton Comedy Warner Bros.
King of Gamblers Robert Florey Akim Tamiroff, Claire Trevor, Lloyd Nolan Drama Paramount


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Lady Escapes Eugene Forde Gloria Stuart, Michael Whalen, George Sanders Comedy 20th Century Fox
The Lady Fights Back Milton Carruth Kent Taylor, Irene Hervey Drama Universal
Lancer Spy Gregory Ratoff Dolores del Río, George Sanders, Peter Lorre Comedy 20th Century Fox
Land Beyond the Law B. Reeves Eason Dick Foran, Wayne Morris Western Warner Bros.
Larceny on the Air Irving Pichel Robert Livingston, Grace Bradley Crime Republic
The Last Gangster Edward Ludwig Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart, Douglas Scott Drama, Crime MGM
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Dorothy Arzner Joan Crawford, William Powell, Nigel Bruce Comedy, Drama MGM
The Last Train from Madrid James P. Hogan Dorothy Lamour, Lew Ayres, Anthony Quinn Drama Paramount
Law of the Ranger Spencer Gordon Bennet [[Robert Allen (actor)|, Elaine Shepard Western Columbia
Lawless Land Albert Ray Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley Western Republic
A Lawman Is Born Sam Newfield Johnny Mack Brown, Iris Meredith Western Republic
The League of Frightened Men Alfred E. Green Walter Connolly, Lionel Stander Mystery Columbia
Left-Handed Law Lesley Selander Buck Jones, Noel Francis, Nina Quartero Western Universal
The Legion of Missing Men Hamilton MacFadden Ralph Forbes, Roy D'Arcy Adventure Monogram
Let Them Live Harold Young John Howard, Nan Grey Drama Universal
Let's Get Married Alfred E. Green Ida Lupino, Ralph Bellamy, Walter Connolly Comedy Columbia
Life Begins in College William A. Seiter The Ritz Brothers, Gloria Stuart Comedy 20th Century Fox
Life Begins with Love Ray McCarey Jean Parker, Douglass Montgomery, Edith Fellows Romantic drama Columbia
The Life of Émile Zola William Dieterle Paul Muni, Joseph Schildkraut, Gale Sondergaard Drama Warner Bros.
The Life of the Party William A. Seiter Billy Gilbert, Franklin Pangborn, Ann Miller Musical Comedy RKO
Lightnin' Crandall Sam Newfield Bob Steele, Lois January Western Republic
Live, Love and Learn George Fitzmaurice Rosalind Russell, Robert Benchley, Monty Woolley Comedy MGM
Living on Love Lew Landers Whitney Bourne, Joan Woodbury, James Dunn Musical Comedy RKO
London by Night Wilhelm Thiele George Murphy, Rita Johnson Mystery MGM
Lost Horizon Frank Capra Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, H. B. Warner Adventure, Fantasy Columbia
Love and Hisses Sidney Lanfield Walter Winchell, Simone Simon, Joan Davis Comedy 20th Century Fox
Love in a Bungalow Ray McCarey Nan Grey, Kent Taylor Comedy Universal
Love Is News Tay Garnett Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Don Ameche Romantic comedy 20th Century Fox
Love Is on the Air Nick Grinde Ronald Reagan, June Travis, Eddie Acuff Drama, Romance Warner Bros.
Love on Toast E.A. Dupont John Payne, Stella Adler, Grant Richards Comedy Paramount
Love Takes Flight Conrad Nagel Bruce Cabot, Beatrice Roberts, Edwin Maxwell Drama, Romance Grand National[7]
Love Under Fire George Marshall Loretta Young, Don Ameche, Katherine DeMille Drama 20th Century Fox


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Madame X Sam Wood Gladys George, Warren William, Reginald Owen Drama MGM
Maid of Salem Frank Lloyd Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Gale Sondergaard Drama Paramount
Make a Wish Kurt Neumann Bobby Breen, Basil Rathbone, Ralph Forbes Musical RKO
Make Way for Tomorrow Leo McCarey Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Thomas Mitchell Drama Paramount
Mama Runs Wild Ralph Staub Mary Boland, Ernest Truex Comedy Republic
Mama Steps Out George B. Seitz, Anita Loos Alice Brady, Gene Lockhart, Guy Kibbee Comedy MGM
The Man in Blue Milton Carruth Robert Wilcox, Nan Grey Crime Universal
Man of the People Edwin L. Marin Joseph Calleia, Florence Rice, Ted Healy Drama MGM
The Man Who Cried Wolf Lewis R. Foster Lewis Stone, Jameson Thomas Drama Universal[8]
The Man Who Found Himself Lew Landers Joan Fontaine, George Irving, John Beal Drama RKO
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round Charles Reisner Ann Dvorak, Cab Calloway, Louis Prima Musical Republic
Mannequin Frank Borzage Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Alan Curtis Drama MGM
Marked Woman Lloyd Bacon, Michael Curtiz Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Eduardo Ciannelli Drama, Crime Warner Bros.
Married Before Breakfast Edwin L. Marin Robert Young, Florence Rice, Barnett Parker Comedy MGM
Marry the Girl William C. McGann Mary Boland, Hugh Herbert, Mischa Auer Comedy Warner Bros.
Maytime Robert Z. Leonard Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, John Barrymore Drama, Musical MGM
Melody for Two Louis King James Melton, Patricia Ellis, Marie Wilson Musical Warner Bros.
Men in Exile John Farrow Dick Purcell, June Travis, Victor Varconi Crime Warner Bros.
Meet the Boyfriend Ralph Staub Robert Paige, Carol Hughes Comedy Republic
Meet the Missus Joseph Santley Victor Moore, Helen Broderick, Anne Shirley Comedy RKO
Michael O'Halloran Karl Brown Wynne Gibson, Warren Hull Drama Republic
Midnight Court Frank McDonald Ann Dvorak, Carlyle Moore, Jr., John Litel Drama Warner Bros.
Midnight Madonna James Flood Warren William, Mady Correll Drama Paramount
Midnight Taxi Eugene Forde Brian Donlevy, Frances Drake Crime 20th Century Fox
The Mighty Treve Lewis D. Collins Noah Beery, Barbara Read Western Universal
A Million to One Lynn Shores Bruce Bennett, Joan Fontaine, Monte Blue Drama, Sports Poverty Row
Missing Witnesses William Clemens John Litel, Dick Purcell, Sheila Bromley Crime Warner Bros.
Motor Madness D. Ross Lederman Rosalind Keith, Marc Lawrence Drama Columbia
Mountain Justice Michael Curtiz Josephine Hutchinson, Guy Kibbee, George Brent Drama Warner Bros.
Mountain Music Robert Florey Bob Burns, Martha Raye Musical Paramount
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air Alfred E. Green Kenny Baker, Frank McHugh, Alice Brady Musical comedy Warner Bros.
Murder Goes to College Charles Reisner Roscoe Karns, Marsha Hunt Comedy Paramount
Murder in Greenwich Village Albert S. Rogell Fay Wray, Richard Arlen, Raymond Walburn Comedy, Mystery Columbia
Music for Madame John G. Blystone Nino Martini, Joan Fontaine Musical comedy RKO
My Dear Miss Aldrich George B. Seitz Maureen O'Sullivan, Walter Pidgeon, Edna May Oliver Comedy MGM


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Nancy Steele Is Missing! George Marshall
Otto Preminger
Victor McLaglen, Walter Connolly. Peter Lorre Drama 20th Century Fox
Navy Blue and Gold Sam Wood James Stewart, Robert Young, Lionel Barrymore Comedy, Sports MGM
Navy Blues Ralph Staub Dick Purcell, Mary Brian Comedy Republic
Navy Spy Joseph H. Lewis, Crane Wilbur Conrad Nagel, Eleanor Hunt, Judith Allen Thriller Grand National
New Faces of 1937 Leigh Jason Joe Penner, Milton Berle, Harriet Hilliard Musical RKO
Night Club Scandal Ralph Murphy John Barrymore, Louise Campbell, Lynne Overman Drama Paramount
Night Key Lloyd Corrigan Boris Karloff, Jean Rogers, Alan Baxter Drama, Crime Universal
Night Must Fall Richard Thorpe Rosalind Russell, Robert Montgomery, Dame May Whitty Drama MGM
Night of Mystery E.A. Dupont Grant Richards, Roscoe Karns Mystery Paramount
Nobody's Baby Gus Meins Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, Lynne Overman Comedy MGM
North of the Rio Grande Nate Watt William Boyd, Gabby Hayes, Lee J. Cobb Western Paramount
Nothing Sacred William A. Wellman Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Walter Connolly Comedy United Artists


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Off to the Races Frank R. Strayer Slim Summerville, Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane Comedy 20th Century Fox
Oh, Doctor Ray McCarey Edward Everett Horton, Eve Arden, Thurston Hall Comedy Universal[9]
Old Louisiana Irvin Willat, Mary Ireland Rita Hayworth, Ramsay Hill, Allan Cavan Drama Poverty Row
The Old Wyoming Trail Folmar Blangsted Charles Starrett, Barbara Weeks Western Universal
On Again-Off Again Edward F. Cline Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Marjorie Lord Musical comedy RKO
On Such a Night E. A. Dupont Grant Richards, Karen Morley, Roscoe Karns Crime Paramount
On the Avenue Roy Del Ruth Dick Powell, Madeleine Carroll, The Ritz Brothers Musical Comedy 20th Century Fox
Once a Doctor William Clemens Jean Muir, Donald Woods Drama Warner Bros.
One Hundred Men and a Girl Henry Koster Deanna Durbin, Adolphe Menjou, Alice Brady Musical Comedy Universal
One Man Justice Leon Barsha Charles Starrett, Barbara Weeks Western Columbia
One Mile from Heaven Allan Dwan Claire Trevor, Fredi Washington, Sally Blane Drama 20th Century Fox
Outcast Robert Florey Warren William, Karen Morley, Lewis Stone Drama Paramount
The Outcasts of Poker Flat Christy Cabanne Preston Foster, Virginia Weidler, Van Heflin Western RKO
The Outer Gate Raymond Cannon Ralph Morgan, Kay Linaker Crime Monogram
Outlaws of the Orient Ernest B. Schoedsack Jack Holt, Mae Clark, Harold Huber Action adventure Columbia
Outlaws of the Prairie Sam Nelson Charles Starrett, Iris Meredith Western Columbia
Over the Goal Noel Smith William Hopper, June Travis Sports Drama Warner Bros.


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Paid to Dance Charles C. Coleman Don Terry, Jacqueline Wells, Rita Hayworth Drama Columbia
Paradise Express Joseph Kane Grant Withers, Dorothy Appleby Drama Republic
Paradise Isle Arthur Greville Collins Movita Castaneda, Warren Hull Drama Monogram
Park Avenue Logger David Howard George O'Brien, Beatrice Roberts, Ward Bond Western RKO
Parnell John M. Stahl Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, Alan Marshal Drama, Biography MGM
Parole Racket Charles C. Coleman Paul Kelly, Rosalind Keith Crime Columbia
Partners in Crime Ralph Murphy Lynne Overman, Roscoe Karns, Anthony Quinn Drama, Crime Paramount
Penrod and Sam William C. McGann Billy Mauch, Spring Byington Drama Warner Bros.
The Perfect Specimen Michael Curtiz Errol Flynn, Joan Blondell, Hugh Herbert Comedy Warner Bros.
Personal Property W. S. Van Dyke Jean Harlow, Robert Taylor, E. E. Clive Romantic Comedy MGM
Pick a Star Edward Sedgwick Rosina Lawrence, Jack Haley, Lyda Roberti Comedy, Musical MGM
The Plough and the Stars John Ford Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster, Barry Fitzgerald Drama RKO
Portia on Trial George Nicholls, Jr. Heather Angel, Neil Hamilton, Walter Abel Drama Republic
Prairie Thunder B. Reeves Eason Dick Foran, Frank Orth Western Warner Bros.
Prescription for Romance S. Sylvan Simon Wendy Barrie, Kent Taylor, Mischa Auer Romantic Comedy Universal
The Prince and the Pauper William Keighley Errol Flynn, Claude Rains, Henry Stephenson Drama, Adventure Warner Bros.
The Prisoner of Zenda John Cromwell, W. S. Van Dyke Ronald Colman, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Raymond Massey Drama, Adventure United Artists
Public Cowboy No. 1 Joseph Kane Gene Autry, Ann Rutherford Western Republic
Public Wedding Nick Grinde Jane Wyman, Dick Purcell, Marie Wilson Comedy Warner Bros.


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Quality Street George Stevens Katharine Hepburn, Franchot Tone, Estelle Winwood Comedy, Drama RKO
Quick Money Edward Killy Fred Stone, Berton Churchill Comedy RKO


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Racing Lady Wallace Fox Ann Dvorak, Smith Ballew, Harry Carey Drama RKO
Racketeers in Exile Erle C. Kenton George Bancroft, Evelyn Venable, Wynne Gibson Crime Columbia
Range Defenders Mack V. Wright Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan Western Republic
Ranger Courage Spencer Gordon Bennet Robert Allen, Walter Miller Western Columbia
The Rangers Step In Spencer Gordon Bennet Robert Allen, Eleanor Stewart Western Columbia
Ready, Willing and Able Ray Enright Ruby Keeler, Wini Shaw, Carol Hughes Musical Comedy Warner Bros.
Reckless Ranger Spencer Gordon Bennet Robert Allen, Jack Perrin Western Columbia
The Red Rope S. Roy Luby Bob Steele, Lois January Western Republic
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Albert Herman James Newill, Carol Hughes Western Grand National
Reported Missing Milton Carruth William Gargan, Jean Rogers Thriller Universal
Rhythm in the Clouds John H. Auer Patricia Ellis, Warren Hull Musical Republic
Riders of the Whistling Skull Mack V. Wright Bob Livingston, Ray "Crash" Corrigan Western Republic
Ridin' the Lone Trail Sam Newfield Bob Steele, Claire Rochelle Western Republic
Riding on Air Edward Sedgwick Joe E. Brown, Guy Kibbee, Florence Rice Comedy, Adventure RKO
The Road Back James Whale Slim Summerville, Andy Devine, John Emery Drama Universal
Roaring Timber Phil Rosen Jack Holt, Grace Bradley Drama Columbia[10]
Roll Along, Cowboy Gus Meins Smith Ballew, Cecilia Parker Western 20th Century Fox
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm Mack V. Wright Gene Autry, Monte Blue, Armida Western Republic
Rosalie W. S. Van Dyke Eleanor Powell, Nelson Eddy, Ray Bolger Musical Comedy MGM
Round-Up Time in Texas Joseph Kane Gene Autry, Maxine Doyle Western Republic
Rustlers' Valley Nate Watt William Boyd, Lee J. Cobb Western Paramount


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Sandflow Lesley Selander Buck Jones, Lita Chevret Western Universal
San Quentin Lloyd Bacon Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan Drama Warner Bros.
Santa Fe Rides Bernard B. Ray Bob Custer, Eleanor Stewart, David Sharpe Western Poverty Row
Saratoga Jack Conway Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Lionel Barrymore Comedy, Drama MGM
Saturday's Heroes Edward Killy Van Heflin, Marian Marsh Drama RKO
Sea Devils Benjamin Stoloff Victor McLaglen, Ida Lupino, Preston Foster Drama, Adventure RKO
Sea Racketeers Hamilton MacFadden Weldon Heyburn, Jeanne Madden Crime Republic
Second Honeymoon Walter Lang Loretta Young, Tyrone Power, Claire Trevor Comedy 20th Century Fox
Secret Valley Howard Bretherton Richard Arlen, Virginia Grey Western 20th Century Fox
Seventh Heaven Henry King James Stewart, Simone Simon, Jean Hersholt Drama, Romance 20th Century Fox
Sh! The Octopus William C. McGann Hugh Herbert, Allen Jenkins, Marcia Ralston Comedy horror Warner Bros.
The Shadow Charles C. Coleman Rita Hayworth, Charles Quigley Mystery Columbia
Shall We Dance Mark Sandrich Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton Musical Comedy RKO
She Asked for It Erle C. Kenton William Gargan, Vivienne Osborne Comedy Paramount
She Had to Eat Malcolm St. Clair Rochelle Hudson, Jack Haley, Eugene Pallette Comedy 20th Century Fox
She Loved a Fireman John Farrow Dick Foran, Ann Sheridan Comedy Warner Bros.
She Married an Artist Marion Gering John Boles, Luli Deste, Frances Drake Comedy Columbia
She's Dangerous Lewis R. Foster Tala Birell, Cesar Romero, Walter Pidgeon Drama, Crime Universal[11]
She's Got Everything Joseph Santley Ann Sothern, Gene Raymond, Helen Broderick Comedy RKO
She's No Lady Charles Vidor Ann Dvorak, Aileen Pringle Comedy Paramount
The Sheik Steps Out Irving Pichel Ramon Novarro, Lola Lane, Kathleen Burke Musical Republic
The Silver Trail Bernard B. Ray Rex Lease, Roger Williams Western Poverty Row
Sing and Be Happy James Tinling Tony Martin, Leah Ray, Joan Davis Comedy 20th Century Fox
The Singing Marine Ray Enright, Busby Berkeley Dick Powell, Doris Weston, Lee Dixon Musical Warner Bros.
Sky Racket Sam Katzman Bruce Bennett, Monte Blue, Hattie McDaniel Science fiction Poverty Row
Slave Ship Tay Garnett Wallace Beery, Warner Baxter, Mickey Rooney Drama, Adventure 20th Century Fox
Slaves in Bondage Elmer Clifton Lona Andre, Wheeler Oakman, Florence Dudley Drama, Exploitation Poverty Row
Slim Ray Enright Henry Fonda, Pat O'Brien Drama Warner Bros.
Small Town Boy Glenn Tryon Stuart Erwin, Joyce Compton, Dorothy Appleby Comedy Grand National
Smart Blonde Frank McDonald Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane Mystery Warner Bros.
Smoke Tree Range Lesley Selander Buck Jones, Muriel Evans Western Universal
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs David Hand Voices of Adriana Caselotti, Billy Gilbert Animated, Musical Disney, RKO
The Soldier and the Lady George Nicholls, Jr. Anton Walbrook, Elizabeth Allan, Akim Tamiroff Drama, Adventure RKO
Something to Sing About Victor Schertzinger James Cagney, Evelyn Daw, Mona Barrie Musical Comedy Grand National
Song of the City Errol Taggart Margaret Lindsay, Dean Jagger, Nat Pendleton Drama, Musical MGM
Sophie Lang Goes West Charles Reisner Gertrude Michael, Lee Bowman Crime Paramount
Souls at Sea Henry Hathaway Gary Cooper, George Raft, Robert Cummings Drama, Adventure Paramount
Speed to Spare Lambert Hillyer Charles Quigley, Dorothy Wilson Drama Columbia
Springtime in the Rockies Joseph Kane Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette Western Republic
Stage Door Gregory La Cava Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou Drama RKO
Stand-In Tay Garnett Leslie Howard, Humphrey Bogart, Joan Blondell Comedy United Artists
A Star Is Born William A. Wellman Fredric March, Janet Gaynor, Adolphe Menjou Drama United Artists
Stella Dallas King Vidor Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Alan Hale Drama United Artists
Step Lively, Jeeves! Eugene Forde Arthur Treacher, Patricia Ellis Comedy 20th Century Fox
Stolen Holiday Michael Curtiz Kay Francis, Claude Rains, Ian Hunter Drama Warner Bros.
Submarine D-1 Lloyd Bacon Pat O'Brien, George Brent, Wayne Morris Drama, Adventure Warner Bros.
Super-Sleuth Benjamin Stoloff Jack Oakie, Ann Sothern, Paul Guilfoyle Comedy RKO
Swing High, Swing Low Mitchell Leisen Dorothy Lamour, Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray Drama, Musical Paramount


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Talent Scout William Clemens Donald Woods, Jeanne Madden, Fred Lawrence Drama Warner Bros.
Telephone Operator Scott Pembroke Judith Allen, Alice White, Pat Flaherty Drama, Action Monogram[12]
Texas Trail David Selman William Boyd, Russell Hayden Western Paramount
That Certain Woman Edmund Goulding Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, Anita Louise Drama Warner Bros.
That Girl from Paris Leigh Jason Lily Pons, Jack Oakie Comedy RKO
That I May Live Allan Dwan Rochelle Hudson, Robert Kent, Jack La Rue Crime drama 20th Century Fox
That Man's Here Again Louis King Hugh Herbert, Mary Maguire Comedy Warner Bros.
That Navy Spirit Kurt Neumann Lew Ayres, Mary Carlisle Sports Paramount
There Goes My Girl Ben Holmes Ann Sothern, Gene Raymond, Richard Lane Comedy RKO
There Goes the Groom Joseph Santley Ann Sothern, Burgess Meredith, Mary Boland Comedy RKO
They Gave Him a Gun W. S. Van Dyke Spencer Tracy, Gladys George, Franchot Tone Drama MGM
They Wanted to Marry Lew Landers Betty Furness, Gordon Jones Romantic Comedy RKO
They Won't Forget Mervyn LeRoy Claude Rains, Lana Turner, Otto Kruger Drama, Mystery Warner Bros.
Thin Ice Sidney Lanfield Tyrone Power, Sonja Henie, Arthur Treacher Romantic Comedy 20th Century Fox
Think Fast, Mr. Moto Norman Foster Peter Lorre, Virginia Field, Thomas Beck Drama, Mystery 20th Century Fox
The Thirteenth Chair George B. Seitz Dame May Whitty, Lewis Stone, Elissa Landi Drama, Mystery MGM
This Is My Affair William A. Seiter Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Brian Donlevy Drama 20th Century Fox
This Way Please Robert Florey Betty Grable, Charles Rogers, Porter Hall Musical Comedy Paramount
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Alfred E. Green Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, C. Aubrey Smith Musical comedy MGM
Thrill of a Lifetime George Archainbaud James V. Kern, Judy Canova Comedy Paramount
Thunder Trail Charles Barton Gilbert Roland, Charles Bickford, Marsha Hunt Western Paramount
Time Out for Romance Malcolm St. Clair Claire Trevor, Michael Whalen, Joan Davis Comedy 20th Century Fox
The Toast of New York Rowland V. Lee Cary Grant, Frances Farmer, Edward Arnold Comedy, Drama RKO
Too Many Wives Ben Holmes Anne Shirley, Barbara Pepper Comedy RKO
Top of the Town Ralph Murphy Doris Nolan, George Murphy Comedy Universal
Topper Eric Hatch, Norman Z. McLeod Constance Bennett, Roland Young, Cary Grant Comedy MGM
Tovarich Anatole Litvak Claudette Colbert, Charles Boyer, Basil Rathbone Comedy Warner Bros.
Trail of Vengeance Sam Newfield Johnny Mack Brown, Iris Meredith Western Republic
Trailin' Trouble Arthur Rosson Ken Maynard, Lona Andre Western Grand National
Trapped Leon Barsha Charles Starrett, Peggy Stratford Western Columbia
Trapped by G-Men Lewis D. Collins Jack Holt, Wynne Gibson Crime Columbia
The Trigger Trio William Witney Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune Western Republic
Trouble in Morocco Ernest B. Schoedsack Jack Holt, Mae Clarke Adventure Columbia
True Confession Wesley Ruggles Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, John Barrymore Comedy, Drama Paramount
The Trusted Outlaw Robert N. Bradbury Bob Steele, Lois January, Joan Barclay Western Republic
Turn Off the Moon Lewis Seiler Charlie Ruggles, Eleanore Whitney Comedy Paramount
Two-Fisted Sheriff Leon Barsha Charles Starrett, Barbara Weeks Western Columbia
Two Gun Law Leon Barsha Charles Starrett, Peggy Stratford Western Columbia
Two Wise Maids Phil Rosen Alison Skipworth, Peggy Moran, Donald Cook Drama Republic


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Under Cover of Night George B. Seitz Edmund Lowe, Florence Rice Mystery MGM
Under the Red Robe Victor Sjostrom Conrad Veidt, Raymond Massey, Annabella Drama, Adventure 20th Century Fox
Under Suspicion Lewis D. Collins Jack Holt, Katherine DeMille and Luis Alberni Mystery Columbia
Underworld Oscar Micheaux Bee Freeman, Sol Johnson, Ethel Moses Drama Poverty Row[13]


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Varsity Show William Keighley Dick Powell, Priscilla Lane Musical Warner Bros.
Venus Makes Trouble Gordon Wiles James Dunn, Patricia Ellis Comedy Columbia


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Waikiki Wedding Frank Tuttle Bing Crosby, Martha Raye, Shirley Ross Musical Comedy Paramount
Wake Up and Live Sidney Lanfield Patsy Kelly, Ben Bernie, Walter Winchell Comedy, Musical 20th Century Fox
Way Out West James W. Horne Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson Comedy MGM
We Have Our Moments Alfred L. Werker Sally Eilers, James Dunn, David Niven Comedy Universal
We Who Are About to Die Christy Cabanne Ann Dvorak, Preston Foster, Willie Fung Drama, Crime RKO
Wee Willie Winkie John Ford Shirley Temple, Victor McLaglen, C. Aubrey Smith Adventure 20th Century Fox
We're on the Jury Ben Holmes Victor Moore, Helen Broderick, Charles Lane Comedy RKO
Wells Fargo Frank Lloyd Joel McCrea, Frances Dee, Porter Hall Drama, Western Paramount
Westbound Mail Folmar Blangsted Charles Starrett, Rosalind Keith Western Columbia
West Bound Limited Ford Beebe Lyle Talbot, Polly Rowles Action Universal
West of Shanghai John Farrow, Crane Wilbur Boris Karloff, Ricardo Cortez, Beverly Roberts Drama, Adventure Warner Bros.
Western Gold Howard Bretherton Smith Ballew, Heather Angel Western 20th Century Fox
When Love Is Young Hal Mohr Virginia Bruce, Kent Taylor, Walter Brennan Comedy Universal
When You're in Love Harry Lachman, Robert Riskin Cary Grant, Grace Moore, Aline MacMahon Romantic Comedy Columbia
When's Your Birthday? Harry Beaumont Joe E. Brown, Marian Marsh Comedy RKO
White Bondage Nick Grinde Jean Muir, Gordon Oliver Drama Warner Bros.
Wife, Doctor and Nurse Walter Lang Loretta Young, Warner Baxter, Virginia Bruce Comedy 20th Century Fox
Wild and Woolly Alfred L. Werker Jane Withers, Walter Brennan, Lon Chaney, Jr. Comedy, Western 20th Century Fox
Wild Horse Rodeo George Sherman Robert Livingston, June Martel Western Republic
Wild Money Louis King Edward Everett Horton, Louise Campbell, Lynne Overman Comedy, Drama Paramount
The Wildcatter Lewis D. Collins Scott Kolk, Jean Rogers Drama Universal
Windjammer Ewing Scott George O'Brien, Constance Worth Adventure RKO
Wine, Women and Horses James Van Trees, Louis King Ann Sheridan, Barton MacLane, Walter Cassel Drama Warner Bros.
Wings over Honolulu H. C. Potter Wendy Barrie, Ray Milland, William Gargan Military Romance Universal
Wise Girl Leigh Jason Miriam Hopkins, Ray Milland, Guinn Williams Comedy RKO
Woman Chases Man John G. Blystone Charles Winninger, Miriam Hopkins, Joel McCrea Comedy United Artists
The Woman I Love Anatole Litvak Paul Muni, Miriam Hopkins, Louis Hayward Drama, War RKO
Woman in Distress Lynn Shores May Robson, Irene Hervey Comedy crime Columbia
Woman-Wise Allan Dwan Rochelle Hudson, Michael Whalen Crime drama 20th Century Fox
The Women Men Marry Errol Taggart George Murphy, Josephine Hutchinson, Claire Dodd Drama MGM
Women of Glamour Gordon Wiles Virginia Bruce, Melvyn Douglas, Reginald Denny Comedy Columbia
The Wrong Road James Cruze Richard Cromwell, Helen Mack, Lionel Atwill Drama Republic


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge Joseph Kane Gene Autry, Betty Bronson Western Republic
You Can't Beat Love Christy Cabanne Preston Foster, Joan Fontaine, Herbert Mundin Romantic Comedy RKO
You Can't Buy Luck Lew Landers Onslow Stevens, Helen Mack Mystery RKO
You Can't Have Everything Norman Taurog Alice Faye, Gypsy Rose Lee, The Ritz Brothers Musical Comedy 20th Century Fox
You Only Live Once Fritz Lang Sylvia Sidney, Henry Fonda, Barton MacLane Drama United Artists
You're Only Young Once George B. Seitz Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Cecilia Parker Comedy MGM
Youth on Parole Phil Rosen Marian Marsh, Gordon Oliver, Margaret Dumont Crime drama Republic

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