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Gō Zappa (雑破 , Zappa Gō, born 1970) is a Japanese author and anime screenwriter. His manga series Chocotto Sister was adapted into an animated television series.[1]


Zappa is the author of the Chocotto Sister manga series, as well as several other manga such as Tsuiteru Kanojo, Domina no Do, Mahotsukai no Tamagotachi, Yun Yun Paradise, and Yamanko!.


Zappa has also written a few light novels in his career. He created one for the Chocosis series with MF Bunko J titled "Chocotto Sister: Four Seasons". Later with Dengeki Bunko, he created two adaptations for the Please! anime series:

Screenplay and composition[edit]

Zappa has written the screenplays for and helped to compose the anime adaptations of:


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