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A Karo people (Indonesia) church affiliated with Karo Batak Protestant Church (GBKP). Kabanjahe, Karo Regency, North Sumatra.

The Gereja Batak Karo Protestan or Karo Batak Protestant Church is the largest church among the largely Christian Karo people of North Sumatra, Indonesia. It was established formally in 1941.

The first Christian envangelism was conducted among the Karo people in 1890 by the Netherlands Missionary Society. Due to the perceived association with the colonialism of the Dutch East Indies, only a minority of the Karo converted initially, and it was not until after Indonesian independence in 1945 that Christianity acquired significant support among the Karo people.[1]

The church has 276,000 members (as of 2006) in 398 congregations with 196 pastors.[2] Member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[3]

The Head Office from GBKP or "Gereja Batak Karo Protestan" Is in Pala Bangun Captain Street No 66 Kabanjahe North Sumatera,the List of GBKP Leaders: (id) Ketua Umum : Pdt.Agustinus Pengarapen Purba.STh,MA Kabid Marturia : Pdt.Kongsi Kaban,STh Kabid Koinonia : Pdt. Krismas Imanta Barus,MTh Kabid Diakonia : Pdt.Rosmalia Br.Barus,STh Kabid Dana & Usaha : Dk.Kristiani br.Ginting


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