Gale (given name)

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Pronunciation /ˈɡl/ GAYL
Gender masculine
Word/name from Gale (surname)
Pronunciation /ˈɡl/ GAYL
Gender feminine
Word/name short for Abigail
Other names
Related names Gayle,

Gale is a given name. It has seen masculine and feminine use consecutively in the United States. Gale as a man's name is from an English surname, ultimately from Middle English gaile "jovial". As a woman's name, it is a short form of the biblical name Abigail.[1] It can also be used as a form of the name Galen, a name derived from that of the ancient Greek physician, meaning "tranquil."

It was almost exclusively a masculine name before 1935; in the later 1930s, it became a popular variant of the feminine name Abigail. Feminine usage surpassed masculine usage in 1940, leading to a further decline in masculine usage, and Gale was predominantly a feminine name when it peaked in popularity in the later 1950s. Its popularity decreased rapidly in the 1960s, falling below rank 1,000 in 1971. In the 1990 census, it was ranked 4,209.

People called Gale[edit]



  • Gale Ann Hurd (born 1955), American film producer and screenwriter
  • Gale Benson (1944–1972), British model and socialite
  • Gale Norton (born 1954), 48th United States Secretary of the Interior


  • Gale Storm, pseudonym of Josephine Owaissa Cottle (1922–2009), American actress

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