Gate of Divine Might

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The Gate of Divine Might, the northern gate. The lower tablet reads "The Palace Museum" (故宫博物院)

The Gate of Divine Might or Gate of Divine Prowess (Chinese: 神武门; pinyin: Shénwǔmén) is the northern gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. It faces Jingshan Park. A tablet above the doorway reads "The Palace Museum" in Chinese.

The Gate was originally named "Black Tortoise Gate" (玄武门; 玄武門; Xuánwǔmén), this being the traditional name for the northern gate of a Chinese imperial palace. However, when the Kangxi Emperor, whose birth name was Xuanye (玄燁), ascended to the throne, the use of the Chinese character Xuan (玄) became a form of naming taboo. The character Xuan (玄) also has the meaning of "sacred mystery", which correlates well with the new character "Shen" (神), meaning "divine".

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Coordinates: 39°55′15.4″N 116°23′25.5″E / 39.920944°N 116.390417°E / 39.920944; 116.390417