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Gay, Straight or Taken? is a reality television series that was created by British TV producers, Gavin Hay and Remy Blumenfeld and piloted for ITV in 2003 [1] It debuted on January 8, 2007 on Lifetime Television.[1] The program has also commenced airing in Australia on cable television channel Arena TV, in the United Kingdom on the free-to-view television channel Five Life, in Russia on MTV Russia, in Italy on SKY Uno, in Turkey on Foxlife, in Poland on MTV Poland, in Brazil on Multishow in France on TF1 [2] and in the Netherlands on RTL 5. As of 2011, the show airs regularly in reruns on Lifetime Real Women.


A female contestant goes on a group date at a spa or resort with three men. Shortly after meeting the men, the contestant receives a cell phone call from a woman who advises her that one of the three men is her boyfriend. Moments later she receives a second call from a man informing her that another of the men is his boyfriend. Now she must try to figure out which man is gay, which one is straight but taken, and which one is straight and available.

During the course of the date, the contestant has the opportunity to spend "alone time" with each of the men, selecting activities which she believes will give her clues as to the sexuality and relationship status of each. At the end of the date, the contestant prepares to announce her decision, but before she can the girlfriend and boyfriend of the two involved men appear on the scene. The contestant then announces which man she believes is gay, which is taken, and which is available. If the contestant correctly chooses the straight and available man, the two of them win a vacation together. If she is wrong, the man she picks wins the trip with his partner.


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