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George Frederick Matthew
Born (1837-08-12)August 12, 1837
Saint John, New Brunswick
Died April 14, 1923(1923-04-14) (aged 85)
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
Fields Geology, Paleontology

George Frederick Matthew (August 12, 1837 – April 14, 1923) was a Canadian botanist and geologist. Described as an amateur geologist, he is nevertheless recognized for his work in the then-nascent field of ichnology. His work grew from study of Cambro-Ordovician rocks near his birthplace, leading to the description of new genera and species of ichnofossils. His early interest in geology may have been inspired by local access to the Abraham Gesner geological collection.

Matthew was the first curator of the Natural History Society of New Brunswick. After Canada's Confederation in 1867, his geological work came to prominence as the Geological Survey of Canada began, and he worked part-time for the survey.

He received honorary doctorates from Laval University and the University of New Brunswick, and was awarded the Geological Society of London's Murchison Medal in 1917.


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