Gezhouba International Plaza

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Gezhouba International Plaza
Gézhōubà Guójì Guǎngchǎng
General information
Status Under construction[1]
Type Mixed-use[2]
Location Wuhan
Construction started 2008
Estimated completion 2017[3]
Antenna spire 350 metres (1,148 ft)[2]
Technical details
Floor count 69[2]

The Gezhouba International Plaza (simplified Chinese: 葛洲坝国际广场; traditional Chinese: 葛洲壩國際廣場; pinyin: Gézhōubà Guójì Guǎngchǎng) Is a skyscraper under-construction in Wuhan, China.[2] The mixed-use tower is set to rise 350 metres (1,148 ft) and contain 69 floors.

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Coordinates: 30°36′34″N 114°15′19″E / 30.60944°N 114.25528°E / 30.60944; 114.25528