Wuhan Greenland Center

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Wuhan Greenland Center
Wuhan Greenland Center 201704.jpg
Wuhan Greenland Center as of April 2017
Alternative names Greenland Center WGC
General information
Status Under construction
Type Offices and hotel
Location Wuhan, Hubei
Address Linjiang Avenue
Country China
Coordinates 30°35′06″N 114°19′02″E / 30.5850°N 114.3172°E / 30.5850; 114.3172
Construction started 2012
Estimated completion 2019[1] (if completed as planned)
Cost $4.5 billion
Owner Wuhan Greenland Bin Jiang Property
Architectural No more than 500 m (1,600 ft) above sea level
Tip No more than 500 m (1,600 ft) above sea level
Technical details
Floor count At least 96 above ground
6 below ground
Floor area 303,275 m2 (3,264,420 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 84
Design and construction
Architecture firm AS+GG
Developer Greenland Group
Structural engineer Thornton Tomasetti
Services engineer PositivEnergy Practice
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Civil engineer Prism Engineering
Main contractor China State Construction Engineering
Greenland Group
Other information
Number of rooms 292
Parking 1051

Wuhan Greenland Center[3] is an unfinished skyscraper in Wuhan, China. Construction has stalled since August 2017 at the 96th floor. Due to airspace regulations, it will be redesigned so its height does not exceed 500 metres above sea level.[4] Another Chinese building, Ping An Finance Center, was also scaled down for similar reasons.

In June 2011, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects in conjunction with Thornton Tomasetti Engineers won the design competition[5] to build an energy-efficient[5] tower for Greenland Group, a real estate developer owned by the Shanghai city government.

Floor directory (original design)[edit]

Floor purposes
126 Observatory
124–125 hotel facilities
123 window washing equipment
122 mechanical layer
121 mechanical layer, refuge area
120 mechanical layer
118–119 Hotel restaurant
116–117 Hotel sky lobby / facilities
114–115 Hotel SPA
106–113 Hotel rooms
105 hotel rooms, refuge area
103–104 Hotel rooms
101–102 mechanical layer
91–100 Hotel rooms
90 mechanical layer, refuge area
80–89 Serviced hotel
79 service hotel, refuge area
71–78 Serviced hotel
70 service hotel sky lobby
67–69 mechanical layer, refuge area
60–66 Offices
59 refuge area
51–58 Offices
49–50 sky lobby
48 refuge area
39–47 Offices
36–38 mechanical layer
35 refuge area
27–34 Offices
25–26 sky lobby
24 refuge area
15–23 Offices
14 refuge area
5–13 Offices
2–4 mechanical layer
1-1M office lobby, serviced hotel lobby hotel lobby
B1M bike storage
B1 banquet hall, hotel services, unloading area
B5-B2 parking, mechanical layer


  • 8 December 2010: Ceremony for construction held.[6]
  • 1 July 2011: Overall construction started.
  • 28 June 2012: Started building underground reinforcement structure.[7]
  • 12 September 2012: Started digging the base.[8]
  • 26 June 2013: Base completed.[9]
  • 4 January 2014: First steel beams installed.[10]
  • 28 July 2014: Basement finished, above-ground construction started.[11]
  • 30 December 2015: The building reached 200 metres above ground.[12]
  • April 2016: The building reached 245 metres above ground and cladding has become visible.
  • June 2016: The building reached 300 metres above ground.[13]
  • 27 December 2016: The building reached 400 metres above ground.[14]

Construction gallery[edit]


Coordinates: 30°35′06″N 114°19′02″E / 30.58500°N 114.31722°E / 30.58500; 114.31722