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Giuleşti on the map of Bucharest

Giulești (Romanian pronunciation: [dʒjuˈleʃtʲ]) is a neighbourhood in northwestern Bucharest, in Sector 6. The Giulești Stadium, Giulești Theatre, Podul Grant are located in Giulești. Also, the Grivița Railway Yards and Lacul Morii are located nearby.


The area was inhabited for millennia and it gives its name to the neolithic Giulești-Boian culture, the middle phase of the Boian culture, which inhabited in the 4th millennium BC Muntenia and later expanded into southern Moldavia and southern Transylvania.

In the Middle Ages it was a village, later incorporated into Chiajna Commune, and absorbed into Bucharest in 1939. [1]

Notable landmarks[edit]

The Giulesti Stadium (officially "Valentin Stănescu") is the home of Rapid București soccer club, one of the best teams in Romania.


Coordinates: 44°27′14.04″N 26°3′13.36″E / 44.4539000°N 26.0537111°E / 44.4539000; 26.0537111