Bulevardul Magheru

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Bulevardul Magheru
Former name(s)I.C. Brătianu, Take Ionescu
LocationBucharest, Romania
FromPiața Romană
ToNicolae Bălcescu Boulevard

Bulevardul Magheru is a major street in central Bucharest. Built in the early 20th century, it is named after Gheorghe Magheru.

Together with Bulevardul Bălcescu, Magheru connects Piața Romană and Piața Universității squares and was in 1930s-1940s Bucharest most modern part. This is one of Europe and world's most representative modernist boulevards, where the architecture in vogue in the 1930s is prevalent.

Part of the major thoroughfare than runs through the middle of Bucharest, it is continued to the south by Nicolae Bălcescu, then by Ion C. Brătianu boulevards and toward north by Lascăr Catargiu and Șoseaua Kiseleff.

Bulevardul Magheru is the most expensive commercial street in the Romania and 55th in the world according to Cushman & Wakefield.[1]

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Coordinates: 44°26′33.64″N 26°5′54.91″E / 44.4426778°N 26.0985861°E / 44.4426778; 26.0985861