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Giuseppe Maria Bernini (1709–1761) was an Italian Capuchin missionary and Orientalist.


Bernini was born at Gargnano in Lombardy. He met Horatio della Penna of the Tibetan mission in Roman, and himself travelled to Lhasa. He acquired a knowledge of the languages and dialects of India. He died at Bettiah in India.


In his travels through the country he made a study of the manners, customs, and religious beliefs and practices of the people. The results of his studies were collected in his work: "Notizie laconiche di alcuni usi, sacrifizi, ed idoli nel regno di Neipal, raccolte nel anno 1747". This work has never been published, but was preserved in manuscript in the library of the Propaganda at Rome, and in the museum of Cardinal Borgia. Bernini also wrote "Dialogues", in one of the Indian languages, also preserved in manuscript in the Propaganda; a translation of "Adhiatma Ramayana"; one of "Djana Sagara", and a collection of historical studies under the title, "Mémoires historiques" (Verona).



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