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Graduate Medical Program (GMP) or sometimes also known as Graduate Entry Program (GEP) or Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) are terms generally used outside of the United States to refer to medical programs usually of 4-years duration where applicants are university graduates who have taken aptitude tests such as the GAMSAT, UKCAT or MCAT. These tests are not to be confused with tests such as the UMAT since tests such as the UMAT are designed for high school graduates. Medical programs in the United States technically do not require the completion of a previous degree, but do require the completion of 2–3 years of pre-medical sciences at the university level and so are thus classified as Second entry degrees. However, since in places such as Australia medical applicants were historically generally high school graduates and only recently have medical schools changed to requiring the completion of a previous bachelor's degree, the terms Graduate Medical Program and Graduate Entry Medicine arose to differentiate the new courses.

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