Great Mosque of Tlemcen

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Great Mosque of Tlemcen- الجامع الكبير لتمسان
Grande mosquee Tlemcen face.jpg
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusMosque
LocationAlgeria Algeria, Tlemcen
Great Mosque of Tlemcen is located in Algeria
Great Mosque of Tlemcen
Shown within Algeria
Geographic coordinates34°53′01″N 1°18′38″W / 34.8837°N 1.3105°W / 34.8837; -1.3105Coordinates: 34°53′01″N 1°18′38″W / 34.8837°N 1.3105°W / 34.8837; -1.3105
Architectural typeMosque
Architectural styleIslamic, Almoravid dynasty

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen (Arabic: الجامع الكبير لتلمسان‎, el-Jemaa el-Kebir litilimcen) was first built in Tlemcen, Algeria in 1082. It is one of the best preserved examples of the Almoravid dynasty's architecture. It was built under sultan Yusuf ibn Tashfin, but substantially reconstructed and enlarged by his son Ali ibn Yusuf. An inscription dates this reconstruction to 1136. Sultan Yaghmoracen (1236-1283), the founder of the Abdalwadid dynasty of Tlemcen added a section with a minaret and a dome in the 13th century. Next to the mosque there used to be an Islamic court (Makhama) and an Islamic university of considerable fame.


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