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The Great Seal of Ontario is a seal used to authenticate documents issued by the government of Ontario that are released in the name of the Queen in Right of Ontario, including the appointment of the Executive Council and Ministers (the Cabinet).


In the centre of the Great Seal is the shield from the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom (representing link to Britain) and surmounded by a St. Edward's Crown. Several borders surround these symbols, including the words The Seal of the Province of Ontario (English only).

In Architecture[edit]

A sculpture of the Great Seal is carved above the main entrance to the Ontario legislature at Queen's Park.


The seal has been used since January 1, 1870 following the appointment through a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria.[1]

The seal replaces the Great Seal of the Province of Canada, used from 1841 to 1867, under 136th clause of the British North America Act.[2]


The keeper of the Great Seal is the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, but the Minister of Government and Consumer Services maintains day-to-day custody of the seal.


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