Greatest Hits (Five album)

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Greatest Hits
5ive - Greatest Hits.jpeg
Compilation album by Five
Released 19 November 2001
Recorded 1997–2001
Genre Pop, rap, dance, teen pop, funk, power pop
Length 80:04
Label RCA
Producer Simon Cowell (exec.), Julian Gallagher, Richard "Biff" Stannard, Ash Howes, Steve Mac, Stargate, Eliot Kennedy, Max Martin, Denniz Pop
Five chronology
Greatest Hits
Let's Dance

Greatest Hits is the first compilation album by English boy band Five. It was released in the United Kingdom through RCA Records on 19 November 2001, just three months after the release of their third studio album, Kingsize.[1]

The album features thirteen of the band's fifteen singles, excluding "How Do Ya Feel", and the international-only release "Don't Fight It Baby", as well as two popular B-sides, two brand new remixes, and the original track, "Set Me Free", which was recorded during the Kingsize album sessions. The album peaked at number nine on the UK Albums Chart, as well as being certified platinum by the BPI. The album was executively produced by Simon Cowell and Richard "Biff" Stannard.


Despite Kingsize only being released three months earlier, Greatest Hits was rush-released due to the imminent split of the band. Scott Robinson revealed on the ITV2 documentary The Big Reunion that the album's release came after Sean Conlon suffered a mental breakdown and threatened to quit the band as he was unable to cope. Alongside the release of the album, a VHS compilation containing all of the band's music videos, as well as behind the scenes footage, and the previously unreleased music video for "Two Sides to Every Story".[2] The band's last ever British single, "Closer to Me", was used to promote the compilation in the United Kingdom, featuring footage from across the band's history.

The Japanese version of the album does not include B-side "Inspector Gadget", but instead re-instates one of the missing singles, "How Do Ya Feel", and also includes a bonus remix of "Let's Dance" that does not appear on any other version of the release. The album was re-released on 7 June 2003.[3] The album made a return to the top ten of UK Albums Chart in 2013, due to the band reforming to appear on The Big Reunion.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) From Length
1. "We Will Rock You" (Radio Edit) Brian May, J Brown, Abz Love Invincible (1999) 3:09
2. "Keep on Movin'" Stannard, Gallagher, Conlon, Love, Brown Invincible (1999) 3:17
3. "If Ya Gettin' Down" Stannard, Gallagher, Conlon, Love, Brown, Mike Cleveland Invincible (1999) 3:00
4. "Everybody Get Up" (Radio Edit) Alan Merrill, Jake Hooker, Herbie Crichlow, Five 5ive (1998) 3:05
5. "Let's Dance" (Radio Edit) Stannard, Gallagher, Ash Howes, Harrington, Love, Brown, Conlon Kingsize (2001) 3:38
6. "Rock the Party" (Single Remix) Stannard, Gallagher, Love, Brown, Conlon, Barry Gibb Kingsize (2001) 2:49
7. "Got the Feelin'" (Radio Edit) Stannard, Gallagher, Five 5ive (1998) 3:29
8. "When the Lights Go Out" (Radio Edit) Eliot Kennedy, Tim Lever, Mike Percy, John McClaughlin, Five 5ive (1998) 4:11
9. "Closer to Me" (Single Remix) Stannard, Gallagher, Howes, Harrington, Breen, Brown Kingsize (2001) 4:30
10. "Until the Time Is Through" (Radio Edit) Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson 5ive (1998) 4:10
11. "Don't Wanna Let You Go" (Radio Edit) Stannard, Gallagher, Conlon, Love, Brown Invincible (1999) 3:37
12. "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" (Radio Edit) Denniz Pop, Martin, Crichlow, Jake Schulze 5ive (1998) 3:36
13. "It's the Things You Do" Martin, George Shahin, Crichlow, Five 5ive (1998) 3:37
14. "When I Remember When" Shelly Peiken, Jud Friedman 5ive (1998) 3:59
15. "Inspector Gadget" Stannard, Gallagher, Love, Brown, Lewinson, Richard Norris Invincible (1999) 2:51
16. "Set Me Free" Eriksen, Rustan, Hermansen, Neville, Robinson Original 2:55
17. "Keep on Movin'" (2002 FIFA World Cup Remix) Stannard, Gallagher, Brown, Conlon, Love Original 3:40
18. "Five Greatest Hits Megamix" (Jewels & Stone Remix) May, Merrill, Hooker, Five, Stannard, Gallagher, Pop, Martin, Crichlow, Schulze, Carlsson, Kennedy, Lever, Percy, McClaughlin, Gibb, Cleveland, Howes, Harrington Original 11:00


  • Abz Love — vocals
  • Jason "J" Brown — vocals
  • Sean Conlon — vocals
  • Ritchie Neville — vocals
  • Scott Robinson — vocals
  • Producers: Julian Gallagher, Richard Stannard, StarGate, Steve Mac, Ben Chapman
  • Mixing: Ash Howes, StarGate, Ben Chapman
  • Engineers: Ben Chapman, Matt Howe, Daniel Pursey, Robin Sellers, Ben Coombs
  • Programming: Ash Howes, Martin Harrington
  • Arrangers: Julian Gallagher, Richard Stannard, Dave Arch
  • Backing vocals: Andy Caine, Richard Stannard, Sharon Murphy, Eliot Kennedy, Tim Woodcock

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