Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Beatles album)

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Greatest Hits Volume 1
Beatles Greatest Hits Volume 1 cover.jpg
Compilation album by
Released7 June 1966
EMI, London
GenreRock and roll
ProducerGeorge Martin
CompilerEMI Australia
The Beatles Australian chronology
Rubber Soul
Greatest Hits Volume 1

Greatest Hits Volume 1 is a greatest hits compilation album by The Beatles which was exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. The album was compiled by EMI Australia to fill in the gap between Rubber Soul and Revolver (much like A Collection of Beatles Oldies would in 1966 in between Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band).[1]

Background and stereo mixes[edit]

The compilation and it's follow-up were both originally conceived in early 1966, when EMI Australia requested stereo tapes from their UK branch for tracks not already in the Australian vaults. This meant the album contains the original 1965 stereo mixes of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" rather than the new stereo mixes created for the late-1966 compilation album A Collection of Beatles Oldies[2].

The mono editions of the album feature fold-down mono mixes, with only "She Loves You" and "I'll Get You" appearing in true mono, due to the unavailability of stereo mixes at the time of the compilation. The cover art was borrowed from the U.S. Beatles album, Beatles IV with the back cover using elements from the German album The Beatles Beat[2].

Releases, sales and deletion[edit]

The mono version of Greatest Hits Volume 1 was released in Australia in June 1966. The stereo version followed twenty months later [2].

In 1973, both volumes of the album were repackaged as a double album by EMI Australia to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Beatles first single in Australia. The release was titled The Beatles Australian 10th Anniversary 1963-1973 Souvenir Presentation - The Beatels' Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2[3]. Eight different Australian radio stations promoted the album by featuring their logo on eight different stickers. The album was only available for a few months before it was quietly deleted[3].

By mid-1973, both volumes of the compilation had sold over 100,000 in Australia[2]. Both volumes stayed in print in Australia until EMI Australia ceased vinyl production in 1991[2]. The album was released on cassette but never released compact disc.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Lennon–McCartney except as noted.

Side one:
No.TitleNotes on stereo mix variationsLength
1."Please Please Me"Stereo mix from Please Please Me2:00
2."From Me To You"Mono single version in fake stereo1:56
3."She Loves You"Mono single version in fake stereo2:21
4."I'll Get You"Mono single version in fake stereo2:06
5."I Want To Hold Your Hand"Original 1965 stereo mix. Also available on the German compilation albums Beatles Greatest and Beatles Beat. This mix has not yet been released on compact disc.2:24
6."Love Me Do"Mono version from Please Please Me in fake stereo2:19
7."I Saw Her Standing There"Stereo mix from Please Please Me2:56
Side two:
No.TitleNotes on stereo mix variationsLength
1."Twist and Shout" (Phil Medley, Bert Russell)Stereo mix from Please Please Me2:33
2."Roll Over Beethoven" (Chuck Berry)Stereo mix from the album With The Beatles2:44
3."All My Loving"Stereo mix from the album With The Beatles2:04
4."Hold Me Tight"Stereo mix from the album With The Beatles2:30
5."Can't Buy Me Love"Stereo mix from the album A Hard Day's Night2:12
6."You Can't Do That"Stereo mix from the album A Hard Day's Night2:38
7."Long Tall Sally"Original June 1964 stereo mix. Exclusive to this release until the Rock 'n' Roll Music album in 1976. Currently available on the Past Masters compilation album.2:00


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