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Gregory "Rat" Rathbone
CHERUB character
First appearance Divine Madness
Last appearance Black Friday
Created by Robert Muchamore
Birth name Rathbone Regan
Gender Male
Occupation CHERUB agent
  • Joel Regan (father)
  • 44+ half-siblings
Nationality Australian

Gregory "Rat" Rathbone, previously Rathbone Reagan, is a character in Robert Muchamore's acclaimed CHERUB series. He was born in the Australian outback as the youngest son of Joel Reagan, the leader of a religious cult The Survivors. He is also the on-off boyfriend of Lauren Adams.

Background and early life[edit]

Rathbone was born in the Australian outback. He was brought up in difficult conditions, living all of his early life in the Survivor's ark, a building in North Australia home to the Survivors cult, set up by Joel Reagan. His mother committed suicide when Rathbone was young.


Rat is very intelligent, claiming to have an IQ of 197. However, he has little real-world skills due to his sheltered upbringing.


Divine Madness[edit]

Mission where Rat was recruited
Book(s) Divine Madness
Mission controller(s) John Jones
  • The Survivors
  • Help Earth
Crime(s) Eco-terrorism
Result Green tickY Success
Promotion(s) Lauren Adams:         

Rathbone first met James Adams in The Survivors' ark by playing a practical joke on him. They are then both thrashed and forced to spend a day in the sweatbox, a metal shed. James then asked Rat to get him and his sister "cushier" jobs, such as office work, as opposed to the warehouse or laundry. At the end of the book Rat helps James and Lauren escape and joins CHERUB.[1]

Man vs Beast[edit]

See also: Man vs Beast

Rat played a very small part in Man vs Beast, as he was taking part in basic training.[2]

Mad Dogs[edit]

Rat played a small part in this book as well. He helped to take revenge on Norman Large, a former CHERUB training instructor for threatening Lauren.[3]

The Sleepwalker[edit]

Mission in The Sleepwalker
Book(s) The Sleepwalker
Mission controller(s) Mac
Location(s) Hampstead, North London
  • Hassam Bin Hassam
  • Asif Bin Hassam
Crime(s) Trading in FCX parts
Result Green tickY Success

Greg's part in The Sleepwalker is moderately important. He visits Lauren on the mission twice. The second time he visited he helped with the arrest of Asif Bin Hassam.

Dark Sun[edit]

Rat is the main protagonist in this novel. He and fellow CHERUB agent Andy Lagan infiltrate a terrorist's house during a sleepover, which culminates in a fight with the terrorist's daughter who has returned from a nightclub.

The General[edit]

In The General, Rat and several others go on a training exercise in near Las Vegas with the many other special military forces. British special forces, and CHERUB agents against the American military.[4]

Brigands M. C.[edit]

See also: Brigands M. C.

Rat again has a small role in Brigands MC. He nearly breaks up with Lauren after acting jealously towards Dante after accusing Lauren of flirting with him.

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