Gresham City Hall MAX Station

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Gresham City Hall
MAX Light Rail Station
MAX Gresham City Hall Station.jpg
Location 1297 NE Eastman Parkway
Gresham, Oregon
Coordinates 45°30′21″N 122°26′10″W / 45.505825°N 122.436035°W / 45.505825; -122.436035Coordinates: 45°30′21″N 122°26′10″W / 45.505825°N 122.436035°W / 45.505825; -122.436035
Owned by TriMet
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Parking 417 spaces
Bicycle facilities bike racks
Disabled access Yes
Opened September 5, 1986
Preceding station   TriMet icon.svg MAX Light Rail   Following station
Blue Line

The Gresham City Hall station is a MAX light rail station in Gresham, Oregon. It serves the Blue Line and is the 24th stop eastbound on the eastside MAX branch.

Located at the intersection of NW Division Street and NW Eastman Parkway, the station includes a park and ride lot.

It is near the Gresham Station retail development, and is next to the new Gresham City Hall, which moved to its current location after MAX opened.

The station was located in TriMet fare zone 4 from its opening in 1986[1] until September 1988,[2] and in zone 3 from then until September 2012, at which time TriMet discontinued all use of zones in its fare structure.[3]

Work on an extensive renovation of the 31-year-old station began on January 23, 2017, and the station is scheduled to close completely for six weeks, beginning on February 26, 2017.[4]

Bus service[edit]

This station is served by the following bus lines:[5]

  • 4 - Division/Fessenden
  • 21 - Sandy Blvd/223rd
  • 87 - Airport Way/181st Ave


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