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Grindhouse Releasing
Industry Motion picture/distribution
Founded 1996
Founders Bob Murawski
Sage Stallone
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, United States
Key people
Bob Murawski
Chris Innis
David Szulkin
(Theatrical bookings/Publicity)

Grindhouse Releasing is a Hollywood-based independent cult film distribution company led by film editor Bob Murawski and co-founded by Sage Stallone. Grindhouse digitally remasters, restores, and produces bonus materials and video documentaries for cult film DVDs and Blu-rays which it distributes on the CAV label.[1]

Grindhouse focuses on the distribution of rare and little-seen independent cult films.[1] Releases have included The Swimmer, a surreal drama featuring Burt Lancaster; The Big Gundown, a spaghetti western with Lee Van Cleef; and Corruption, a British film starring Peter Cushing.

Grindhouse was the first company to digitally remaster and restore the stylish Italian horror films from the 1970s and 1980s such as Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly), Lucio Fulci's The Beyond (E tu vivrai nel terrore), as well as the notorious cult classic Cannibal Holocaust directed by Ruggero Deodato. The company also restored and coordinated a limited theatrical re-release of American filmmaker Sam Raimi's cult classic The Evil Dead.[1]

The company has been called the "Criterion" of cult film distribution, employing the highest standards for quality and deluxe bonus materials on their Blu-ray and DVD releases.[1] Coco Hames of the Nashville Scene says of the company: "A Grindhouse release has a rotgut seal of approval, whether it's the kind of gore epic that once played grimy 42nd Street cinemas (Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust), an overlooked Hollywood rarity (Frank Perry's The Swimmer), or a long-lost movie by an obsessive auteur that never saw the light of day (Duke Mitchell's Gone with the Pope)".[2]

Grindhouse Releasing was awarded the 2015 International Press Academy's Satellite Award for "Outstanding Overall Blu-Ray/DVD" for its Blu-ray release and restoration of Frank Perry's cult film, The Swimmer.[3]

Grindhouse Releasing distributions[edit]

Film Title Director Original Release Date Grindhouse Re-release Date(s) Notes:
Gone with the Pope
(a.k.a. Kiss the Ring)
Duke Mitchell 1975 (Screening Theatrically / BR/DVD: March 24, 2015)
The Beyond
(a.k.a. Seven Doors of Death, E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldilà)
Lucio Fulci 1981 October 2000 (Limited edition tin, only 20,000 copies available)BR: February 10, 2015 2000 DVD release was Grindhouse Releasing production distributed by Rolling Thunder/Miramax on Anchor Bay label, 2015 Blu-ray release is Grindhouse Releasing on CAV label

Box Office Spectaculars distributions[edit]

In association with Grindhouse Releasing.

Film Title Director Original Release Date B.O.S. Re-release Date(s) Notes
Cannibal Holocaust Ruggero Deodato 1979 October 2005 (Limited edition,
only 11,111 copies available)
2nd re-release on DVD: 2008 (On Ryko label)
Blu-ray: July 1, 2014
Cannibal Ferox
(a.k.a. Make them Die Slowly)
Umberto Lenzi 1980 LD: 1997; VHS: 1999: DVD:
July 2000 (On Ryko label);
Blu-ray: May 22, 2015
I Drink Your Blood (a.k.a. Hydro-Phobia) David E. Durston 1970 1st release on DVD: 2000;
2nd release on DVD: 2006;
Blu-Ray: November 22, 2016
1st DVD Grindhouse Releasing production distributed by Fangoria;
2nd DVD release Grindhouse Releasing distributed on Ryko label
Pieces (a.k.a. Mil gritos tiene la noche) Juan Piquer Simón 1982 1st release on DVD: October 2008 (On Ryko label); Blu-ray: March 1, 2016
Cat in the Brain (a.k.a. Nightmare Concert, Un gatto nel cervello, I volti del terrore) Lucio Fulci 1990 LD: 1998; DVD (Deluxe Edition): March 2009 (On Ryko label)
Blu-ray: July 12, 2016
The Big Gundown (a.k.a. La resa dei conti) Sergio Sollima 1966 Restoration / Blu-ray/DVD combo pack: December 2013 On CAV label, in association with Sony/Columbia Pictures
The Swimmer Frank Perry 1968 Restoration / Blu-ray/DVD combo pack: March 2014 On CAV label, in association with Sony/Columbia Pictures
An American Hippie in Israel
(a.k.a. Ha-Trempist, The Hitch Hiker)
Amos Sefer 1972 Screening theatrically / Blu-ray/DVD combo pack: September 10, 2013 On CAV label
Corruption Robert Hartford-Davis 1968 Restoration / Blu-ray/DVD combo pack: October 2013 On CAV label, in association with Sony/Columbia Pictures
Massacre Mafia Style
(a.k.a. The Executioner, Like Father Like Son)
Duke Mitchell 1978 Restoration / Blu-ray/DVD combo pack: 2015 On CAV label


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