Gutulia National Park

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Gutulia National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
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LocationHedmark, Norway
Nearest cityRøros
Coordinates62°1′N 12°10′E / 62.017°N 12.167°E / 62.017; 12.167Coordinates: 62°1′N 12°10′E / 62.017°N 12.167°E / 62.017; 12.167
Area23 km2 (8.9 sq mi)
Governing bodyDirectorate for Nature Management

Gutulia National Park (Norwegian: Gutulia nasjonalpark) is smallest national park in Norway. The landscape consists of lakes and virginal forests, dominated by spruce, pine and birch. Because of the climate, growth is slow, and many of the spruce trees are hundreds of years old. There is only one marked path through the park.

Gutulia lies close to Femundsmarka National Park and protected areas on the Swedish side of the border.

The name[edit]

The first element is the rivername Gutua, the last element is the finite form of li f 'hillside'. The name of the river is derived from gate f 'road' (frozen rivers were used as roads in wintertime).

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