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For the village in Iran, see Habib, Iran.
Pronunciation [ħɑbiːb]
Gender Male
Word/name Arabic
Meaning Beloved
Other names
Related names Habiba

Habib (Arabic: حبيب, ḥabīb; Arabic pronunciation: [ħɑbiːb ]), also written Habeeb is an Arabic male name with the meaning "beloved",[1] and its plural form is Habaayib, Habayeb or Habaaib (Arabic: حبايب‎, translit. ḥabâyib‎; Arabic pronunciation: [ħɑbɑːjib]). In Maltese it translates to "friend". It also appears as a surname. The name is popular in the Middle East and Africa. In other countries, especially in Yemen and Southeast Asian countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, it is an honorific to address a Muslim scholar of Sayyid (a descendant of Muhammad) families.

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