Harry Jackson (MacGyver)

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Harry Jackson
MacGyver character
First appearance "Target MacGyver"
Last appearance "Harry's Will"
Created by Lee David Zlotoff
Portrayed by John Anderson
Gender Male
Occupation Farmer
Family Angus MacGyver (grandson)
Spouse(s) Cecilia Jackson
Children Ellen Jackson (daughter)
Nationality American

Harry Jackson is a fictional character in the ABC television series MacGyver. He is played by John Anderson and appears in five episodes. Harry is the grandfather of Angus MacGyver and a farmer that lives in rural Minnesota. He calls MacGyver "Bud" or "Buddy". In "Target MacGyver" Harry carries his own Swiss Army knife.

Harry became MacGyver's "father" after his grandmother and real father were killed in a car accident at the age of nine. But seven years later, Harry left MacGyver to work in Alaska, sending money to MacGyver and his mother. At this time, MacGyver and Harry lost contact, but beginning in season one, MacGyver and Harry meet again in the episode "Target MacGyver" after eighteen years without contact.[1] Harry dies of a heart attack in the fifth season episode "Passages".

Harry appears in the five episodes "Target MacGyver" (season 1), "Phoenix Under Siege", "Friends" (both season 2) "Passages" (season 5) and "Harry's Will" (season 6).


  1. ^ Stated by MacGyver as "it's been six..seven...eighteen years"