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Head Hunters Motorcycle Club
Founded 1967
Years active 1967-present
Territory East Auckland
Criminal activities Drug Dealing, rape, theft, murder
Allies Hells Angels, Filthy Few, Nomads, Crips,[1] Bloods

The Head Hunters Motorcycle Club are an outlaw motorcycle club in New Zealand. They are found all around the North Island, but are mainly based in East Auckland, with its headquarters being located in Ellerslie.[2] They also have chapters in West Auckland, Wellsford, Northland and Wellington.[3] The Gang have a long criminal history, with more than 1000 criminal convictions,[4] and over 100 members in prison.[5]


The Head Hunters were formed in 1967, in the East Auckland suburb of Glen Innes as a large multi-ethnic street gang,but later evolved into a Motorcycle Club.[6]

The Head Hunters first gained notoriety after being convicted of Murdering Siasoi Evalu, a member of the King Cobras,[7] and numerous other charges including rape, theft and Drug dealing.[8] In early 2000, the Head Hunters were convicted of running a large Methamphetamine ring along with the King Cobras turning away from their former rivalry.[9] The gang are known allies of the Hells Angels, the Filthy Few,[10] the Nomads,[11]

In 2010, long serving Head Hunters president Dave Smith died.[12] In 2014, Head Hunters member Connor Morris was killed with a single machete blow to the back of his head in a Massey street, he was the partner of Millie Homes, Daughter of the late Sir Paul Holmes's and Hine Elder[13] and his funeral received wide media coverage.[14] The Head Hunters run a successful fight club running out of their East Auckland headquarters.[15]

The gang currently has 118 members imprisoned.[16]

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