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Helios is the personification of the sun in Greek mythology. It may also refer to:


Comics and animation[edit]



Video games[edit]


Business and industry[edit]

  • Helio (Cambridge Glass), a short-lived glassware range
  • Helio (wireless carrier), a defunct American wireless communications provider (2005–2010); originally a joint venture between SK Telecom and EarthLink, purchased by Virgin Mobile USA in 2008
  • Helios, a German motorcycle made by Bayerisch Flugzeugwerke before the company merged with BMW in 1922
  • Helios AG, a former German electrical engineering company; based in Cologne
  • Helios (cinemas), a multiplex cinema operator in Poland
  • Helios (lens brand), a defunct brand of camera lens manufactured in the U.S.S.R.


  • Helio Aircraft Company, a aircraft manufacturing company
  • Helio Courier, a light C/STOL utility aircraft designed in 1949
  • Helios Airways, a former low-cost airline operating scheduled and charter flights between Cyprus and many European destinations
    • Helios Airways Flight 522, a Helios Airways Boeing 737-31S flight that crashed on August 14, 2005, into a mountain north of Marathon and Varnavas, Greece
  • Helios Prototype, a series of NASA solar- and fuel-cell-system-powered unmanned aerial vehicle



  • Heliotropism, the diurnal motion of plant parts (flowers or leaves) in response to the direction of the Sun
  • Zinc finger protein Helios, encoded by the IKZF2 gen.
  • Helios, a supercomputer in Rokkasho, Aomori for simulating plasma physics.


  • 895 Helio, a minor planet orbiting the Sun
  • Hélios 1B and Helios 2A, French military satellites
  • Helios (propulsion system), nuclear pulse propulsion system for spacecraft invented by Freeman Dyson, a precursor to his Project Orion
  • Helios probes, deep space probes launched in the mid-1970s by the Federal Republic of Germany and NASA
  • Helios Prototype, a NASA solar powered aircraft
  • Sun, the star at the center of the Solar System



Sports and recreation[edit]

  • Helios, professional wrestler also known as Ricochet
  • Hélio Castroneves (born 1975), Brazilian race-car driver in the Indy Racing League series
  • Hélio Gracie (1913–2009), co-founder of Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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