Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome

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Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome
Gamma ray hell yeah.jpg
Live album by Gamma Ray
Released 4 November 2008
Recorded Montreal on 6 May 2006
Barcelona on 15 January 2008
Genre Power metal
Length 124:01
Label SPV
Gamma Ray live chronology
Skeletons in the Closet
Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]
Lords of Metal 85/100 [2]

Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome (subtitled "And the Finnish keyboarder who didn't want to wear his Donald Duck costume: Live in Montreal")[3]) is a live album from the German power metal band Gamma Ray, released in 2008.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "Welcome" (from Heading for Tomorrow)
  2. "Gardens of the Sinner" (from Power Plant)
  3. "New World Order" (from No World Order)
  4. "Man On A Mission" (from Land of the Free)
  5. "Fight" (from Majestic)
  6. "Blood Religion" (from Majestic)
  7. "Heavy Metal Universe" (†) (from Power Plant)
  8. "Dream Healer" (from Sigh No More)
  9. "The Heart Of The Unicorn" (from No World Order)
  10. "Fairytale" (from Land of the Free)
  11. "The Silence" (from Heading for Tomorrow)

Disc 2

  1. "Beyond The Black Hole" (from Somewhere Out in Space)
  2. "Valley Of The Kings" (from Somewhere Out in Space)
  3. "Somewhere Out In Space" (from Somewhere Out in Space)
  4. "Land Of The Free" (from Land of the Free)
  5. "Rebellion In Dreamland" (from Land of the Free)
  6. "I Want Out" (from Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2 by Helloween)
  7. "Send Me A Sign" (from Power Plant)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. "Into The Storm" (from Land of the Free II)
  2. "Empress" (from Land of the Free II)
  3. "From The Ashes" (from Land of the Free II)
  4. "Real World" (from Land of the Free II)

† Includes some snippets from Deep Purple songs like Woman from Tokyo and the Made in Japan version of Strange Kind of Woman


Special Guest:

  • Keyboards & Vocals: Eero Kaukomies