Henri Padé

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Henri Padé
Henri Padé.jpeg
Born (1863-12-17)December 17, 1863
Died July 9, 1953(1953-07-09) (aged 89)
Nationality French
Fields Mathematics
Alma mater École Normale Supérieure
Doctoral advisor Charles Hermite
Known for Padé approximant
Padé table

Henri Eugène Padé (French: [pade]; December 17, 1863 – July 9, 1953) was a French mathematician, who is now remembered mainly for his development of Padé approximation techniques for functions using rational functions.

He was educated at École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He then spent a year at Leipzig and Göttingen.

Back in France in 1890, he taught in Lille, while preparing his doctorate under Charles Hermite. His doctoral thesis described what is now known as the Padé approximant. He proceeded as assistant professor in Université Lille Nord de France, where he succeeded Émile Borel as a professor of rational mechanics at École centrale de Lille until 1902.

He then moved to Université de Poitiers in 1902; he became recteur of Académie de Besançon and Dijon in 1923. He retired as Recteur of Académie de Aix-Marseilles in 1934.

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