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Highter’s Heath (often Highters Heath) is a district lying on the southern boundary of the city of Birmingham, UK, immediately east of the Maypole, within the ward of Billesley. Highter's Heath is set to become a ward within its own right as part of proposed boundary changes to be confirmed in May 2016.[1]

The name Highter’s Heath is not one that is particularly in widespread use, indeed only two signposted references to the name exist, when entering the city from the bottom of Highters Heath Lane and in Majors Green (although until recently there was also a sign when entering the city along Maypole Lane). In the Majors Green example it is surprising the signpost reference isn't rather to Solihull Lodge.

South of Maypole Lane the area is often referred to as Hollywood, after the adjacent village in Worcestershire, whilst to the north the boundary with Warstock (and the wider B14 moniker of Kings Heath) is undefined. The area also includes Daisy Farm Park.

Immanuel is the local C of E parish church, behind which is located the local primary school. This is called Hollywood Primary School, possibly so named because the school opened well after Highters Heath School, located at the far end of Highters Heath Lane in Warstock. In addition, before the area was developed the city boundary ran along Maypole Lane.

Maypole Lane is served by National Express West Midlands bus routes 2 & 49 whilst Alcester Road South is served by buses 150/X50 & 50A and Glenavon Road and the upper part of Highters Heath Lane are served by bus no. 27. Bus route 50 additionally serves the Maypole.

Citation: William Dargue, A History of Birmingham Places - Highters Heath

Coordinates: 52°24′17″N 1°52′45″W / 52.4047°N 1.8792°W / 52.4047; -1.8792


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