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Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野 弘幸, Yoshino Hiroyuki, born June 2, 1970 in Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese screenwriter. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has written several anime series for the noted studio Sunrise, including My-HiME and My-Otome.[1]


Yoshino graduated from Waseda University's school of literature and later joined the staff of Tokuma Shoten's Animage magazine as a writer.[1] It was here that the Sunrise producer Naotake Furusato offered him a position in the studio as screenwriter.[1]

After joining Sunrise, his first project as the head writer responsible for series composition was Mai-HiME, whose follow-ups Mai-Otome and Mai-Otome Zwei he also went on to supervise.[1] He authored the manga adaptation of Mai-Otome (along with Tatsuhito Higuchi) and went on to write numerous other manga series.[1]

Hiroyuki Yoshino also served as the assistant to main series composer Ichiro Okouchi during both seasons of the Code Geass TV series. Among other projects for different animation studios, he has written Macross Frontier, Denpa teki na Kanojo, So Ra No Wo To, Dance in the Vampire Bund and Guilty Crown.[1]



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