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Hongtashan (Simplified Chinese: 红塔山;Traditional Chinese: 紅塔山; Hanyu Pinyin: Hóngtǎshān) is a very popular brand of cigarette in China. The cigarettes are made with a flue-cured tobacco type and therefore sugar and nicotine levels are relatively high. The brand, established in 1959, gets its name from the location of its main production facility, Hongtashan Hill ('Red Pagoda Hill') in Yuxi.

Hongtashan cigarettes are mainly sold in China, though the export business is still a major operation, under the control of Indonesian businessman Ted Sioeng. In the United States, the brand is sold as 'Red Pagoda Mountain'.[1]

In 2001, Hongtashan was ranked as the most valuable of all brands in Mainland China for the 7th consecutive year by the People's Daily,[2] beating household appliances brand Haier.


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